Responses to Common Problems in Fishing (Fishing Tackles, Bait, Small Fish)

In the process of fishing, we often encounter various problems, such as how to match fishing tackle.How do you match the bait?What about small fish?There are many problems, but all have been solved.There are also many topics on the website that talk about coping skills.After years of fishing, the author has also accumulated some experience. Here are some tips for dealing with common problems in fishing (fishing tackle, bait and small fish).

I. Collocation and Use Environment of Fishing Tackles
(1) Hook
Everyone knows the reason why big fish use big hooks and small fish use small hooks.But how big is the fish?How small is the hook?
Friends who play competitive table fishing all use barb-free hooks. There are many types according to the different hook bars and hook doors. Generally, small fish such as crucian carp should be caught with a small mouth and a small hook with a thin hook and a small hook door. Such as sleeve hook and OC, the quality of the hook is better.
The big fish, on the other hand, can adopt the new Kanto or Qianyou. Generally, fish with sleeves of about 1 or less can be caught with sleeves of 3 or more, and those with sleeves of more than 2 or more can be caught with sleeves of 4. For those with sleeves of more than half a kilo, it is recommended to use Kanto 4. Kanto hook shape in view of the new Kanto sleeve hook between. For large fish, 0.8 new Kanto is used for those weighing about 1 kg, No.1 new Kanto or No.1 Qianyou can be used for those weighing more than 1 kg to 4 kg, and Qianyou and No.2 are enough for those weighing more than 5 kg.
(2) Using a pole
When fishing fast fish, the rod must be light. Just for the convenience of flying fish, the fish will soon increase the frequency of throwing the rod, so the rod must be light. The rod used in recreational fishing can be softer, and attention should be paid to the fact that the rod should not be too soft, otherwise it is not convenient to fish. Fishing crucian carp with a 3.6-meter and 4.5-meter long pole is not convenient to operate, and crucian carp is generally not in such deep water. So the length of the pole is not necessarily good. Fishing carp, grass carp and other fish is thought to have great momentum. We all use rods over 4.5 meters with good toughness, which can reduce the size of the line group.
(3) Use of wire
Most of us fish for leisure and do not play games. It is also simple. The method I adopted was to match the main line to the fish gear store with the zero line. Is to open a good main line, I only need a few meters of hook with a pair of lines.
Generally speaking, we can accept about 10 yuan if it is better, and it can take a long time. Personally, I think it costs a lot to buy a good line, and it is not good to use it for a long time, so I adopt this method flexibly. The amount of sub-thread is very large, so I’d better buy it myself. I used the pan-woo sub-line. For crucian carp fishing, the highest sub-line is 0.8, and for large fish under 5 kg, the sub-line is 2.0 main line and 1.5 sub-line can be completely handled. When fishing crucian carp with a length of less than 10CM-15CM, a longer and harder line can be used for the density of fish. You can add double flight and interception chances. Large fish roe line is between 15CM and 20CM. The distance between the hook and the upper hook is one and a half hooks.

Second, the problem of fishing bait

There are many kinds of bait nowadays. Only when the bait is right to the taste of the fish can there be a good harvest. In fact, it is not difficult to do this. The difficulty is to adjust the state of bait in the water.
As for the pond fish we caught, we said:
Pond fish are generally fed with particles, so we fish with particles as the main part and other baits as the auxiliary part in the fishing process. Some people may say that it is better to use their own bait without particles than ours. Then I want to say that it may be caused by the problem of fishing points and the mismatch between the bait state after particles are added and other baits added.
The bait for carp fishing should be atomized and melted in the water. It is usually better to melt it in 1-3 minutes, but it cannot be used in case of small fish noise. Carassius auratus does not require that high, but the hardness and softness should be adjusted well, such as the earlobe is soft. Taking these two kinds of fish as typical, other fish have few fishing opportunities, so they have little experience and need to learn more.
I usually match bait like this: one carp particle + one carp bait + 0.2 super lure + 0.6 pure grain + fruit crucian bait/a little essence. Too much crucian bait is also more troublesome! Take different measures according to different situations. This is the bait used to catch pond fish.

Three, the use of drift problem

The topic of floating is too big. I dare not say much in front of many masters. Some fishing friends think that only when a good float is used correctly can there be good fish or they spend a lot of money to buy many floats for different purposes. This is blind.
Floating I think one of the necessary things is the comprehensive floating of fishing crucian carp. Floating on the 2nd tail is long, thin, big and small, and the floating feet are short. This kind of floating fishing bottom fishing pull floating all have good performance; There is also a floating fish that catches large fish. It is better to eat lead. It is convenient for us to throw the pole. I generally use the same drift as fishing crucian carp, but the drift shoulder is not large, and the drift body and bottom are even drift; Another can also prepare a long body, short feet, soft and short tail bottom fishing float. This kind of floating is very good to catch crucian carp when there are many hemp fish.
If you can read all their languages, you will have good results.

Four, small fish trouble handling

Bait is the key. My method is to change the short sub-line less than 10cm hard to the usual No.2 drift to No.3, and adjust the specific gravity of bait. The taste list is a little bit.
The aim is to speed up the descent of the bait so that the bait can quickly reach the bottom. Lure the big fish at the bottom. After the big fish came, of course, the small fish did not make much noise. Pay attention to fishing crucian carp when there are many small fish and try not to pull bait, because the specific gravity bait will make more small fish noise when it falls in the water. To catch crucian carp, one should stick to the bottom of the bait, and the bait ball should be half the size of peanuts.