The formula of self-made bait for wild fishing carp: carp is heavy in taste, the bait is right in the mouth, and the hand is sour even with the pole!

Midsummer is the off-season for fishing, and the eating of fish will be affected if the temperature is too high, basically only eating in the cool morning and evening. The high temperature makes it more difficult to catch carp that is not resistant to high temperature. Therefore, it is very important to catch carp in summer, choose fishing points at the right time and use bait reasonably. When it comes to fishing, it is advisable to catch carp on rainy days or after heavy rain. There is no need to fish far-reaching in the choice of fishing points. Carp can also be caught on the edge of fishing after rainy days and rain. The choice of fishing points should be at the water inlet and outlet, the lower outlet, or under the shade of trees, under the pier, etc. What kind of bait to use, the following will introduce some.

I. Soybean Powder

The main ingredient of the first paragraph is soybean flour. First of all, some soybeans need to be prepared, fried in a pan with slow fire to produce fragrance, and ground into powder after cooling. It needs to be screened to filter out the coarser parts. The coarser parts are mainly soybean hulls and the like, which can be used to make nest materials. However, it is difficult to make soybean flour by oneself, and there is no such equipment at home. Cooked soybean flour can be bought in many places, and the price is not high either. It costs only 5 or 6 yuan per catty, which is much cheaper than commercial bait. Fishing friends with poor practical ability can buy some directly. There are two common uses for soybean flour fishing carp. The first is to add half of the flour to soybean flour, stir it evenly, dip it in water with an empty hook, then dip it in soybean flour, repeat the bait several times to be the size of peanuts, and fish with the lower hook, which is effective for fishing carp. The second is soybean flour, add 15% wire drawing powder and mix it evenly, prepare a little honey, mix it into honey water, boil bait with honey water, and twist it into peanut-sized bait hooks. Sweet, rich in taste, soft and bubble-resistant, most suitable for carp fishing.

2. Bean cake powder and rapeseed cake powder

Prepare bran, rapeseed cake or bean cake powder and wheat flour according to the ratio of 3: 5: 2, mix bran and rapeseed cake powder evenly, and stir-fry in a pan to give fragrance. After cooling, stir well with wheat flour, wet with water, and steam in a pan. After cooling to come out, add a little koji wine after breaking up, stir evenly, seal and ferment for one day, preferably in a shady position, or simply put it in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator, in which the amount of water added is the key, not too much; Prepare corn residue, rapeseed cake or bean cake crushed, corn flour, the proportion is relatively random, rapeseed cake needs to reach about 60%, bait mixed evenly, stir-fry in the pan to give fragrance. Stir-fry the fragrance out of the pan, add a few drops of sesame oil while hot, and stir evenly repeatedly. After cooling, add some koji wine, stir well, and pack in plastic bags. After arriving at the fishing ground, add flour and water, and twist them into a ball to make a nest, which is of great effect on carp fishing.

Three, corn flour

Prepare corn flour and wheat flour and mix them according to the ratio of 9: 1 to 8: 2. The wheat flour will be more sticky and softer, but not too much. The two are evenly mixed, and malt extract is added according to 5%-10% of the total amount, and the mixture is evenly mixed. Less boiling water, boiling water and dough. After slightly cooling, knead the head into dough and cover it with plastic wrap to wake up for 30 minutes, so that the steamed corn-bread will be more delicate. Rub the dough into egg-sized steamed corn-bread and steam it in a pan of boiling water so that the bait is finished. When in use, the steamed corn-bread can be broken into two halves to make a nest directly, and the steamed corn-bread can be broken off a little and rubbed repeatedly to a bait ball with moderate hardness and peanut size, which can be directly hooked for use. This bait is sweet and delicious, bubble-resistant and has rich wheat flavor. It is very suitable for catching carp.

The high temperature in midsummer makes outdoor activities extremely painful. When going fishing, one must pay attention to prevent heatstroke and cool down. One must bring enough water and sunshade equipment. It is better to cover your face. According to the experience of getting sunburns many times a year, reflective sunburns on the water surface are the majority, not just with umbrellas on your head. If you get sunburned, recommend a folk prescription. Watermelon gnawes at the skin of the melon and rubs it wildly on your face, just like washing your face. Wash it off in 10 minutes and it will improve well the next day. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!