This homemade carp bait is secretly used by old fishermen.

Carp can be said to be the most common fish species caught by every fisherman, because it is the most widely distributed and the most abundant fish species. All over the country, up to rivers and lakes, down to rivers and ditches, and even black pit competitions, it is indispensable. Carp is naturally timid and greedy. It seems to be good at fishing, but in fact it is not easy. Many people will encounter the scene of carp diving when fishing, or the dens are all carp soaking, but the phenomenon of not opening their mouths is basically a fish situation problem, or there is a bait problem. So today I will share a very easy-to-use homemade carp bait. Many old fishermen are secretly using this homemade carp bait, and the effect is still quite remarkable!
As we all know, many fishing friends like to use homemade bait when fishing carp, because carp usually use rubbing bait to guard fishing. Bait rubbing is much simpler to make than bait pulling. Carp’s favorite is nothing more than corn, barley, sweet potato, millet and carp commercial bait. Today we will mix all these with it and teach you how to make a good homemade carp bait.
First of all, let’s introduce the manufacturing method.
(1) Prepare a few sweet potatoes, cut the sweet potatoes into small squares, put them into a pan and simmer slowly over a small fire, and cook the sweet potatoes.
(2) Prepare some fresh corn, cut off the corn kernels with a knife and break them.
(3) We put the barley nest material and the soup left over from boiling sweet potatoes into a crusher and beat them into paste.
(4) Put the cooked and cooled sweet potato pieces into a basin and grasp them into mud by hand, pour in the beaten barley pulp and stir evenly.
(5) Take less than white flour, accounting for 5% ~ 10% of the total bait, and decide according to the stickiness of the bait you want. Let’s stir-fry the white flour over slow fire until it is slightly yellow. Remember to have a small fire and a slow fire, and don’t fry it.
⑥ Decide how much bait to bring according to the length of fishing time, and put the rest into the refrigerator to freeze and use it next time.
⑦ Sprinkle the fried white flour evenly on the surface of the bait and stir evenly.
⑧ When in use, mix according to the proportion of 2 parts of self-made bait, 1 part of commercial bait and less than half of wine and rice. Fully stir evenly, knead hard and fold into a ball, and this homemade carp bait is finished.
When learning fishing at the beginning, in order to verify whether this homemade bait is good or not, it was also tried many times repeatedly. Whether it is a reservoir or a river ditch, the effect on fishing large individual carp is very significant. Although it is troublesome to make, it can be effective and easy to use, and everything is worth it. I will share the method with you. Favorite fishing friends can give it a try by themselves. After all, actual combat is the only criterion for testing truth. Whether it is good or not, everyone will know after a try.