Unconventional skills, as long as you do this, you will immediately know if there is any fish in the fishing spot.

There are more and more fishermen now, and the level of fishing friends is also uneven. However, fishing resources have not increased with the increase of the number of fishermen. The so-called wolf has more meat and less meat than this. Almost half of the fishermen talk the most about it, that is, there is no fish in the water, and it is useless for anyone to come.
In fact, the same is true. The current wild fishing and air force are normal. It is not surprising that there are occasional crucian carp and white stripes. Occasionally, one or two carp grass can be ecstatic. If a single catch can reach 3 ~ 5 kg, it is simply a surprise in a surprise.
When the fishing friends turn a blind eye to this situation, it is not surprising that the floating does not move for a day. However, the vast number of fishing friends, because they have decided in advance that even if there are fish in the water, the number is not very large, and the few fish still cannot lure them to open their mouths. Nine times out of ten, it is all a matter of bait.
There are few fish and the bait is not tasty, so it is not surprising that you cannot catch fish. As long as you find the right taste type, you will surely catch fish. So, is this view right? If it is a black pit, this view is reasonable.
Because black pit fish are mostly farmed fish, on the one hand, they eat farmed feed for a long time and do not reject unnatural bait; On the other hand, when it is put into the black pit pool, nearly tons of food are put in almost every three to five times, and there is nothing to eat except commercial bait.
However, in the wild waters, this view has no basis, because the larger the food chain in the wild waters, the higher the food chain, the more food sources and quantities, the smaller the size, and the less the food quantity.
The fish we can target, that is, the bottom of the pyramid of the food chain, simply put, long-term hunger is normal. Under normal circumstances, as long as the taste of bait is not too outrageous, there will be fish willing to try to eat.
Fishing in the wild is always unable to float, give no mouth or nest, except for the shortage of fish, mainly due to the following factors:
• 1. Small fish make too much noise in their nests.
• 2. Inappropriate fishing points
3. The fish layer is not found correctly.
The small fish make too much noise in the nest, the hook bait does not fall to the bottom, only the empty hook falls to the bottom, and there is no bait residue on the hook. Even if there is fish entering the nest, the hook will not be swallowed by the mouth. Even if we use corn grains, feed grains, sweet potato dices and other bait as bait;
The flavor of the nest material is not strong enough, so the probability and efficiency of attracting fish schools into the nest are naturally greatly reduced while avoiding small fish making nest noise. Therefore, for the old bird, it is disgusted with small fish making nest noise, but it cannot completely avoid small fish making nest noise.
Because the small fish make a nest, at least it means that there are fish entering the nest, and the bait tastes right. If there is no small fish make a nest, then it makes people tremble with fear and really makes people uneasy.
In the wild waters, it is normal for fish schools not to be in the fixed water layer. As to which water layer the fish schools are in, it is not really a strange thing in what that they do not have certain skills and patience to find one or two.
As for the inappropriate fishing position, there are more factors affecting it. The current velocity is inappropriate, there are noise sources around it, vegetation or crop areas around the fishing point that cause fish to have mouth addiction, and the underwater situation is not suitable for fish schools to gather, etc.
How to determine if there are no fish in that water or if we are not able to catch fish because we are not technically in place
For fishing friends, the most afraid thing is that there are no fish in the water. It is not so-called merging empty-handed occasionally. If the air force is normalized, this is unacceptable. We can judge whether there are fish in fishing spots through some skills:
Skills 1, Ask and Look
At present, the transportation is convenient and the transportation means are well developed, far exceeding that of more than ten years ago. Therefore, whenever the water area where the pole can be used for fishing, there will always be the figure of fishermen. Politely and casually, they will ask if there are any fish and whether they are good at fishing.
I really don’t want to speak, just be patient, stand behind the fisherman, and observe quietly for a while to see how the fish mouth, fish feeling and floating news are. If the fish mouth is good and the pole is lifted frequently, then needless to say.
If you observe for a while and the fish situation is not good and the fish mouth is not good, you will find a way to see the catch of the fishing friend. There is no protection or no catch, which means that even if there are fish in the waters, there are few poor ones.
If the catch is acceptable, it means that it is worth trying to lower the pole here. There will not be much delay between the left and right, nor will there be much superb skill and ability.
Skill 2, Walking and Watching
Whenever there is a fishing water area, there must be traces left by fishermen near the shore of the water area, or bait packaging bags, or food packaging bags, occasionally with residues such as broken drift, space beans, etc., and near fishing points suitable for fishing.
There are obvious signs of the placement of fishing chairs and fishing boxes, and even in some areas with strange terrain, there will be fishing positions trimmed by fishermen with utensils, and walk and look. If there are many similar traces, then it is not necessary to say that it is suitable for the lower pole.
If there are very few similar traces, it means that there are very few fish in the water and basically few people come. If there are no traces and there are obvious noise sources and industrial areas nearby, it means that there may be no fish in the water at all.
Skill 3, Try Small Fish
If the above two skills can’t be determined, then use the simplest method to try small fish. The method is very simple. Use fishy powder bait to open a mass of bait with excellent atomization, only the size of quail eggs is needed.
Quickly draw 7 ~ 8 poles and patiently keep for 3 ~ 5 minutes, regardless of whether there is a hook in the fish or not. As long as there are signs of small fish making a nest, it means that there must be fish in the water. The more obvious and more signs of making a nest, the shorter the interval between the beginning of making a nest and the signs of making a nest.
This shows that the higher the density of fish schools in the water area, the more worthy it is to lower the pole. On the contrary, the longer the interval, the smaller the noise, the less suitable it is for us to lower the pole. After all, although small fish nests are annoying, the more small miscellaneous fish are, the more complete the raw food chain in the water area is.
Naturally, there will be more fish with larger sizes. If there are no small fish nests at all, or if the movement of small fish nests is very small, it means that the food chain in the waters is general and it is unlikely that there will be more fish, which is really not worth putting down the pole.
The brain volume of fish is limited. It is impossible to say how intelligent we are. The key to whether we can catch fish is whether there are fish in the selected waters. The above unconventional skills seem simple, but as long as we are willing to take the initiative, we will immediately know whether there are fish in the fishing point. It is really no harm to be diligent.