You may not believe it. This is the best way to deal with silver carp and bighead carp.

As we all know, although silver carp and bighead carp are collectively referred to as silver carp and bighead carp, their living habits and eating habits are similar, so if you want to catch a certain type of fish, you really need to take a chance. I said you may not believe it. If you want to catch silver carp and bighead carp well in the hot summer, no matter you are an old fisherman or a newcomer, you have no choice but to use the following fishing methods. Therefore, when fishing silver carp and bighead carp in July, one must not ignore every detail.
Looking for the hiding place of silver carp and bighead carp
As the saying goes, “Three-point fishing skills, seven-point fishing”, if you want to catch silver carp and bighead carp well in July, you need to find its hiding place in advance.
According to my fishing experience for many years, I think that when the temperature is not high at this time, the water temperature in the waters exposed to the sun for a long time will be higher than that in other places. Silver carp and bighead carp also prefer to forage in such waters. Therefore, the leeward position of the reservoir is the so-called “golden fishing position”. Of course, if the weather is relatively hot, you can also choose to fish in the lower air outlet. After all, such places have high dissolved oxygen and many plankton can be eaten by silver carp and bighead carp.
Fishing Bait Taste Pattern and State
Fishers all know that no matter where they fish for silver carp and bighead carp, they do not need to make a nest in advance, but in order to lure the fish into the nest quickly, they also need to flexibly adjust the state of the bait after entering the water according to the fish’s situation. For example, in the early stage of luring fish, the atomization of the bait can be slightly larger, the specific gravity can be lighter, and the frequency of throwing the rod must be high, ensuring that throwing one rod within 20 seconds is the best. Only when fish stars haunt the fishing point or when fish bite the hook is obviously felt can a small amount of sticky powder be added and its atomization be controlled by kneading the bait.
As for the taste type of bait, it is not so important, as long as it has fishy, smelly, sour and sour taste! Of course, if you want to focus on silver carp, you can also use strawberry-flavored bait at this time.
Subline Length and Drift Adjustment Techniques
It is precisely because silver carp and bighead carp belong to the middle and upper layer fish species that they will inevitably encounter the floating phase with sections in the process of throwing bait into the water. Of course, in order to reduce the vigilance of silver carp and bighead carp to lead pendants, the sub-line can be slightly longer and controlled at 60 cm to 70 cm. As for the hook distance between the two hooks, it is generally about 8 cm to 10 cm.
As for fishing adjustment, I feel that when matching bait, I can add more state bait such as light bran and snow pollen, which can reduce the proportion of bait and facilitate fishing adjustment in the later period. Because fishing silver carp and bighead carp, the number of floating fishing mesh should not be too large, otherwise when the remaining buoyancy is large, silver carp and bighead carp will not be very comfortable in sucking bait, so it is recommended to control the mesh adjustment between 4 and 6 mesh.
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