Economic benefits, low cost, good effect of fishing big fish, black earthworms should be used in this way.

Earthworms are the shoulders of the bait circle, and the consensus of the fishing circle is that if earthworms do not fish or have no mouth, then the fish cannot be caught. However, there is one kind of earthworm, which is not an example, because this kind of earthworm has a rough smell and can be hung for a long time.
To say that ordinary earthworms are not only easy to use, but also have many drawbacks. Let’s list them mainly. There are probably several drawbacks:
1, the diameter is too thin, not easy to hook;
2, the skin is too thin, small fish and shrimp into the nest soon finished eating;
3. Earthworms are used for fishing. There are large fish with medium hook fish, but there are relatively few.
Although there are only a few shortcomings, the impact on actual combat is still obvious, so at this time, it is strongly recommended that black earthworms, so, first of all, we need to know what black earthworms are:
The scientific name of the black earthworm is called the ring-haired worm, which is about 230 ~ 246 mm long. It is not only longer than the common earthworm, but also thicker in diameter than the common earthworm. The diameter of the adult ring-haired worm is generally 7 ~ 12 mm, and the diameter of some ring-haired worms can reach about 20 mm.
The worm generally lives in moist and corrupt soil, and lives in vegetable gardens, cultivated lands, ditches, especially in corrupt soil. Because it lives in sapropelic mud for a long time, most of the worm is black.
However, this is also due to the protection of biological colors. Under normal circumstances, brown, purple, red and green all belong to normal colors, but black is more common. The earthworm commonly known among the people refers to this earthworm.
The tissue fluid of this ring-haired worm is rich in earthworm, earthworm antipyretic, earthworm toxin, xanthine, choline, etc., so it is extremely foul and has thick cortex. It belongs to the traditional earthworm species in China and has a large stock in North China and the vicinity of the Yangtze River Basin and has high medicinal value.
After knowing the worm, that is, the black earthworm, is this earthworm very popular in actual combat? The answer is no, because this earthworm is thick in skin and long in body, which is different from the common Eisenia foetida (that is, the common red earthworm);
No matter the visual effect, touch or even smell, they are completely different. The usage, hanging method and fishing method of ordinary red earthworms are completely different. Therefore, although this kind of ring-haired earthworm is common in many places, there are not many good fishing friends.
This kind of ring-haired worm, to put it bluntly, is not a bait for catching small and medium-sized fish. Therefore, in actual combat, the effect of using ordinary red earthworms is naturally not ideal. If you want to use ring-haired worm well, you have to pay attention to these three details:
Details 1. Use the hook
The worm is generally directly thicker and longer in size, so the effect is not very ideal with a small hook, no matter how to hang it. Even if a small fishhook with barbs is used, it cannot be kept on the fishhook.
It is only the fierce struggle of the worm that can break free from the hook. Under normal circumstances, it is only necessary to use at least 8 or more barbed Iseni. For the hook smaller than this hook number, it is still not necessary to use the worm.
Details 2, No Nest
Arguably, fishing must make nests. Why is it not recommended to make nests when fishing with worms? This is because the secretion of tissue fluid of the worm is very developed, and the worm has annular setae on its body.
In order to reduce the resistance during travel, a large amount of tissue fluid will be secreted from the dorsal hole. The worm likes to live in humid and corrupt soil, while the taste types of earthworm, earthworm toxin and earthworm antitoxin are extremely foul.
Therefore, even under water, the foul smell emitted by it lasts for a long time and has a wide spread area. It is really meaningless to hit other nest materials. On the contrary, it will cause fish schools to dare not enter the nest due to the conflict of taste types. It is better to simply hook and keep fishing.
Detail 3, only suitable for fishing big fish
After the worm hook is hooked, the curled-up and stretched volume is very large, and the larger hook must be matched. Therefore, it is not suitable to catch small and medium-sized fish in the selection of actual combat targets. The target fish is mainly fish weighing more than 5kg.
Or carnivorous and omnivorous fish species with relatively large opening range of fish mouth, such as carp, catfish, snakehead and other fish species, so the target fish must be selected well when fishing with worms all the time.
Write at the end
The size of the worm is large. Compared with the common Eisenia foetida, it is really not very easy to operate. However, if we mainly pay attention to the above three details, we will find that, except for its large size and foul smell, it is very effective to catch big fish.