[Fishing Skills] Choose the most suitable fishing position according to the change of seasons.

Choosing the best fishing position is a must for fishing friends before fishing. The fishing position is not fixed. The best fishing position may not change for the first time and the second time, and may change due to environmental factors for the third time.Fish are temperature-changing animals with different seasonal air.Changes in mild water temperature will inevitably directly affect fish activities and foraging conditions. Here are some skills for selecting fishing positions in different seasons.

When fishing in spring, the fishing position should be selected on the beach. A beach is a place where the water is relatively shallow and flat. In spring, the sun warms the water surface here first, and then phytoplankton and plankton in the water begin to recover, which means that the water temperature in shallow waters is relatively high and there is food to eat. However, the deep water area does not have such conditions at this time, so the fish swim from the deep water area to the shoal to look for food, and then swim back to the deep water area to roost at night. This is the reason why the spring fishing beach is located.

There is no doubt that “fishing for beaches in spring” is the general principle.However, there should be a distinction in specific practices.In early spring, the weather is still cool and the water temperature is still very low. Most fish still stay in the deep water area, with a small range of activities and a small appetite, so it is difficult to catch fish in early spring.For example, around noon, the fishing point should be selected at a depth of 1.2 ~ 1.5 meters in water depth, preferably in the reed gap or at the edge, or there may be harvest.

After April, the air humidity obviously increased and the water temperature rose rapidly. Fish swam to the shore cutting area about 1 meter deep for food. Therefore, from late spring to early summer, fishing points should be selected in the shallow coastal waters about 1 meter deep. This refers to smaller waters such as ponds, such as fishing on large waters such as rivers, lakes and reservoirs, but the situation is different. The water in these places is still relatively cool at this time. Most of the fish are still active in the deep water area and seldom come to the shore. It is difficult to catch in the shallow water area.

In summer, we should try our best to avoid daytime and take morning and evening fishing or night fishing. If fishing during the day, if it is not exclusively for hot silver carp, grass carp and snakehead, the fishing position should be selected in the shade, and the fishing point should be in the deep water area with a water depth of more than 1.5 meters, i.e. “Summer fishing shade” and depth. This is because the temperature is high in the second season. The water temperature in the shallow water area on the shore is as high as 30 degrees by the sun, which is not suitable for the living habits of most fish. However, the water temperature in deep waters changes slowly and the temperature difference between day and night is small. Therefore, during the summer days, fish mostly hide in deep water areas or shade places to roost, and only when they fly in the morning and evening at night or in overcast and rainy days will they go to shallow water areas on the shore to look for food. Of course, the deeper the fishing, the better. Experience has proved that even when fishing in a reservoir, it is enough for the bait hook to reach a depth of 3-5 meters. Further, in the deep water layer of more than 7 or 8 meters, the water is gloomy and cool, and there is little dissolved oxygen and food in the water. Even big fish do not like to stay in such places.

The temperature varies greatly in autumn. In the 20 days of early autumn, the temperature is still very high, so you can fish deeply according to the summer fishing method. It is nearly 2 months before and after the summer heat and the cold dew. The temperature should be cool and less. It is the golden season for fishing. Fish have a strong appetite and eat a large amount of food. They can fish all day long, almost regardless of day or night. They can eat bait at sight.

Fishing bait is especially good for leeches, oil gourds, green insects and insects with autumn characteristics. Of course, pasta, tender corn kernels, medlar soaked in wine, etc. are all good bait food. Not only crucian carp and carp like to eat, but also snakehead and grass carp like to eat.

In terms of fishing methods, except for fishing silver carp and bighead carp in deep water, the bottom and edge of fishing should be adopted. In autumn, all kinds of plants become hot and fall into the shore water by the wind. In addition, there are more plankton and insects falling into the water in the shore water, so the fish are attracted here. Therefore, the bottom and edge of fishing should be the main methods.

After late autumn, the temperature in the northern region dropped rapidly, and the water meter temperature was already very low. After fattening in the previous stage and reserving enough nutrients, the fish began to swim to the deep water area. It was difficult to fish for the winter, but it could still burst. The time should pass the morning and evening, preferably around noon. However, most of the baits are crucian carp and few carp. Other fish simply do not bite the hook: small hooks and thin lines should be used. Earthworms and red worms are the best baits.

In winter, the weather is very cold, fish dive into the deep waters that take shelter from the wind and the sun, eat less and move less, and some stop eating, thus becoming the off season for fishing. However, when the weather is fine and sunny around noon, the fish swim in the water depth of 1.5-2 meters, the leeward sunny place or the aquatic grass forest to feed. Therefore, fishing in winter should be done around noon in the good weather, with the deeper water area or the gap between the aquatic grass and the sunrise as the fishing point, which refers to the south. In the north, all kinds of water areas have formed thick ice layers. If you want to fish, you must choose sunny weather, cut ice holes in advance, and fish when there is sufficient sunshine around noon.

It should also be pointed out that the water temperature is a factor affecting the oxygen content in the water. When the water temperature is appropriate, the fishing position should be selected in shallow water or medium-deep water. When the water temperature is not suitable, it should be in deep water or areas with aquatic plants.