[Fishing Skills] Comprehensive Analysis of Water Situation and Selection of Correct Fishing Position

Choosing a fishing position is a fishing skill that every fishing friend must master. A good choice of fishing position is related to a day’s catch and choice of fishing position.No matter how good the fishing skills are, it is difficult to catch fish!As the saying goes, three points of fishing skill and seven points of fishing position!

What is fishing position?Fishing position is the position or place where the lower hook fishes, referring to the shore.The fishing point refers to the specific position of the lower hook, which refers to the underwater, including the distance, depth and terrain changes of the lower hook.

Fishers all know the importance of choosing fishing positions and fishing spots. As the fish proverb says, “Choose the right fishing position, get twice the result with half the effort”, “Fishing position and fishing point are the key, and more than half of the success and failure”-Generally speaking, choose the fishing position first. With a good fishing position, you will not worry about not having a good fishing point. The quality of fishing position directly affects the amount of fishing and the interest of fishing. Especially in natural waters such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and wild ponds, it is even more important to choose a good fishing position due to the large range of fish activities and small relative density. If you choose well, you may catch fish frequently. If you choose poorly, you may find few or even nothing.

So, how to choose a good fishing position and fishing point? This mainly depends on the experience of fishermen. We know that there are certain rules for fish to swim, forage, inhabit, gather and migrate. If we can guide them to find the places where they often gather or the necessary routes for swimming-fish nests and fishways, we will definitely get gratifying results if we hook them here.

Experienced fishermen, when they arrive at the fishing ground, will not immediately fuck the guy if they are unfamiliar with it. Instead, they will “go around the ground for a week” and make a survey. Look here, look there, try the depth of the water, find out the actual situation, choose the fishing position, and then begin to hit the nest and lower the pole. If you blindly hook without reconnaissance and change places without catching fish, nine times out of ten you will get little or even “shave your head” and return disappointed.

Therefore, after anglers came to a strange fishing ground. The first task is to “investigate” the topography and features of fishing waters, the depth of water, the color of aquatic plants, the dynamics of fish on the water surface, the water level, the flow rate, etc., so as to know fairly well. Then, combined with the fishing tackle used and the climate and other conditions, the best fishing position and fishing point are determined through comprehensive analysis.