[Fishing Skills] How to Choose Fishing Position during Water Level Change Period in Wild Fishing

Fishing proverbs often include “fish in the water, shrimp in the water” and “fishing without grass is tantamount to running around blindly”. These words are all known to fishing friends, but why do you want to catch open water in the water and grass holes in the water?

The author collected the wild fishing experience of many fishing friends and concluded that when the water rises, the dissolved oxygen in the water increases greatly, which will lead to the active foraging of fish. When the water rises, some grass beaches and fields will usually be flooded. There will be various kinds of worms, grass seeds and other foods in these places. The food in the water will increase and conform to the eating habits of fish, so fish will swim around for food. However, the aquatic plants are obviously not suitable for fish to swim quickly, and the food washed into (brought into) the water when the water rises is not easy to enter the dense grass holes, so fishing for open water when the water rises is in line with the water regime of fish.

The reason why fish fall into the water to catch grass holes is that when they fall into the water, they usually show panic and fear. If the range of falling into the water is especially large and fast, the fish will even stop eating. Even if they fall into the water slowly, the fish will feel unsafe. For the sake of safety, the fish will hide in the aquatic plants and seek shelter. When falling into the water, there is more food in the aquatic plants than in the open water. All kinds of shrimps, small fish and insects depend on the aquatic plants for survival. In addition, the water temperature in the grass hole is higher than that in the open water.
After entering September, the temperature dropped obviously, with the highest temperature below 30 ℃ and the lowest temperature below 20 ℃. The water temperature in large reservoirs will not exceed 20 ℃. Although it is still at the best living temperature for fish, the water temperature has dropped a lot compared with summer and early autumn.As the wind and waves in large reservoirs are relatively large and large, the water body will exchange up and down faster, while the grass cave can be less affected by the wind and waves, and the water temperature will rise faster under the irradiation of sunlight.Based on the above reasons, there is the experience of “fishing for open water in the rising water and digging grass holes in the falling water”.

According to this principle, fishing friends can be more clear and clear when fishing in the wild, and choose a reasonable fishing position for fishing. If you want to improve your catch, you must first find the right fishing position. Because even if your fishing skills are excellent and there are no fish in the waters you catch, it will be air force.

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