[Fishing Skills] There is no best fishing position due to environmental factors.

The so-called best fishing position refers to that there are more fish gathering, perching, foraging or passing through here. To put it bluntly, it is the fish nest or fishway. The more than a dozen best fishing positions listed in the previous article basically have some characteristics of the fish nest or fishway to varying degrees. Choosing the fishing position in these places will generally bring good results.However, the best fishing position cannot last forever.It exists far away, but it may change at any time.At a certain fishing position, fish are frequently caught today. The bait, fishing tackle and fishing method have not changed on the day after tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, but the fishing rate has been greatly reduced, even none of them are found.

The original best fishing position has become “bad fishing position” or even “worst fishing position”.Isn’t it strange?It’s not surprising.Because the habits of fish, especially the feeding status, change with the changes of external environmental factors.The cold and hot weather, the high and low water temperature, the rise and fall of water level, the size of wind force and the change of wind direction all directly affect the activity and eating state of fish in the water.

It is common for the best fishing position to change from good to bad. I’m afraid many fishing friends have had such personal experiences. The author has also had such experiences, and more than once or twice.

What is still fresh in my memory is that from 1990 to 1993, I often went fishing in the back river of Zhaojun Island on the outskirts of the city. At that time, it was a natural water area and did not have to spend money on tickets. From mid-April to early mid-July, for nearly 3 months, I basically hooked in the same fishing position every time. This is a peninsula extending more than 5 meters into the water, opposite a large grass pond. The water depth of the fishing point is a little more than 1 meter, which is usually quiet. Almost all the baits are made of red earthworms or dough, and they receive good goods every time, ranging from 1,000 to 1,500 grams to 3,500 to 4,000 grams. About 150 grams of crucian carp seeds and more than 250 grams of carp kidnappers are not caught less, and sometimes catfish and grass carp are also caught. Every morning when I leave early, I will be the first to go to the fishing ground to take the good fishing position.

But it didn’t last long. From late July to the whole August, there are very few fish here. Sometimes only a few small crucian carp less than 50g and a small sand beak about 7cm long can be caught. Why not see almost one of the larger fish? It turns out that this back river is close to the main channel of the Yellow River. The Yellow River swells and pours into the back river. The water receded and became a quiet water area. The water level was basically stable from April to July. The fishing position of my peninsula was a fishway with fish foraging places on both sides. Therefore, there were more fish. By the middle of July, the Yellow River began to rise again. The peninsula was no longer a quiet water surface, but a direct current section with factory flow. The fish did not stay here, so the best fishing position became a “bad fishing position” at this time. After late August, the water level was in a stable state again, and it became a good fishing position again. Therefore, in the next few years, every early autumn flood season. I changed my fishing position to a bay in the lower section. Although there are not as many fish here as in the original peninsula, there are still fish biting hooks. After the water level stabilized at the end of August, he returned to the peninsula to fish.

I give this example, which is actually very common-the change of water level leads to the change of fishing position. Sometimes there is no obvious change in the external environment, such as the change of air pressure and wind direction. People have not felt it yet, but the fish in the water do. The fishing position, fishing point, bait, fishing tackle and fishing method have not changed, but the fishing rate is quite different. This shows that the activities and foraging conditions of fish are rapidly changing. The reason for this is that, Because the objective factors affecting fishing activities are very complex, It is related to the living environment conditions of fish and the effects of many factors on fish and their physiological reactions. Therefore, it constitutes the complexity and diversity of this objective thing. Therefore, fishermen are required to learn to proceed from reality, be good at adapting to changes at random, flexibly choose fishing positions and fishing points according to the actual situation, avoid sticking to dogma and make the best fishing positions absolute. Only in this way can we bear less hardships and take the initiative in fishing.