In summer, the grass hole fishes for crucian carp with large plates. The vertical drift fishing group plays like this, and all the fishing veterans know it!

Fishing crucian carp is often inseparable from aquatic plants, grass holes, gaps between aquatic plants, and the edges of aquatic plants can be used as good fishing spots for crucian carp. Especially in summer, when the temperature is high and the water is prone to lack of oxygen, it is a good choice to fish crucian carp in aquatic plants. First of all, aquatic plants release oxygen during the day, where dissolved oxygen will be more sufficient. Second, aquatic plants can shade fish from the sun and block the light. The water temperature here is cool and the light is not strong, so fish are very comfortable. Speaking of fishing grass holes, seven-star drifting is a good choice. It is light to enter the water and does not hang grass. In fact, vertical drifting is also possible. Today, compare the characteristics of the two fishing methods and some precautions for fishing crucian carp in the grass holes in summer.

I. Comparison of Seven Star Drift and Vertical Drift Fishing Groups

The seven-star floating fishing group has great advantages in shallow fishing and fishing obstacles, and is also very suitable for the use of teasing techniques. It plays a very important role in folk fishing crucian carp. Another characteristic of the seven-star drift is that it will be clearer to look at the drift from a high position, because the seven-star drift is lying on the water. Therefore, the seven-star floating fishing team is often standing. Although it is convenient to walk and fish, it is still relatively hard. The vertical floating fishing group also plays a very important role in the traditional folk fishing. Compared with the seven-star floating fishing group, it seems that it is not suitable for fishing grass holes, because floating standing and lifting poles are prone to floating and hanging grass. However, the vertical drift fishing group also has the advantages of the vertical drift fishing group. For example, sitting on the float can see more clearly, and it can be matched with double hooks. The bait skill is more than that of the seven-star drift fishing group. For example, dipping in rice fishing and wrapping food fishing are more suitable for the vertical drift fishing group. Secondly, compared with the seven-star floating fishing group, the vertical floating fishing group has greater floating buoyancy and is more suitable for fishing depth.

There are still many old fishing friends among the people who will use long-pole short-line fishing groups floating vertically to fish crucian carp in the grass hole. It is also convenient to fish in the grass hole with a little processing on the matching of fishing groups. First of all, the float should choose short branches as far as possible, usually a bundle of jujube pits with a length of less than 25cm and short feet and short tails. Secondly, the float can be fixed on the main line instead of using normal floats.

Cut the part of the floating seat inserted into the floating foot into two sections, and the floating seat is preferably empty, thick and long. When making the thread group, put in the short section first, and then put on the long section. The floating feet and floating tails of the float are respectively inserted on the floating seats at both ends, so that the float can also be fixed. This method estimates that some older fishing friends all know that in the past, when fishing used vertical drift, a ballpoint pen core was inserted into a reed rod and a small section of valve core was used to fix the refill on the fishing line. Reed poles are both floating body and tail. Although they are crude, small fish can be caught. This matching method is also often used in ice fishing. After all, the hole of ice fishing is also very small, so it can be vertical like a fishing point under a little processing, and it is absolutely no problem to tease fishing.

II. Precautions for Fishing Grass Hole in Summer

1. Prefer not to approach

The temperature is higher in summer, so there will be more deep-water fish, as will grass holes and grass seams. Try to choose grass holes or grass seams in far-reaching positions as fishing points, and there will be obviously more large crucian carp.

2. The grass hole should be close to a large area of open water.

The second point is that it is not appropriate to choose grass holes in the middle of a large area. This is because plants grow extremely vigorously in summer and the underwater bottom of large areas of aquatic plants is extremely complex, which will affect the passage of crucian carp and lead to very few isolated grass holes in the middle of large areas of aquatic plants. If there are other seasons, the grass hole in the middle of the large aquatic plants can be selected, because the bottom of the water is still unblocked in the season when the plants wither.

3. Grass cover is also a good choice.

If there is no suitable grass hole, choosing the edge of the grass cover is also a very good choice. The so-called grass cover refers to the area with large aquatic plants on the bank, and the fishing point is set at the junction of aquatic plants and open water. First of all, it is easy to have fish near aquatic plants. Secondly, the grass cover on the shore will block the fishing rod and the figure to prevent it from being projected to the water surface, thus reducing the impact on the fish.

It is also fishing for grass. It still needs to be carefully considered in different seasons. Although crucian carp loves grass, it is necessary to analyze the most likely location of the fish. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!