It is difficult to catch fish in summer. Pay attention to 4 fishing and 4 not fishing. As long as the method is right, fish can be caught on the pole in summer.

The more difficult the fish are to catch, the more skills need to be paid attention to, both in winter and summer. Fishing has certain regularities, which often come from the understanding of fish habits, so fishing according to fish habits can often achieve better results. The climate is suitable in spring and autumn. Fish eat a long amount and time. More importantly, they spend a long time in shallow water. Natural fish are much better to catch. It is difficult to catch fish in summer. It is difficult to find fish.

First, the morning and evening fishing shallow not fishing deep, noon fishing deep not fishing shallow

The choice of fishing position in summer is somewhat similar to that in winter, and great attention is paid to fishing by temperature. The change of water temperature changes with the rise of the sun. Fish wake up in the morning and begin to look for food from deep water to shallow water. After the sun comes out, the shallow water gradually warms up and the fish will gradually return to the deep water position. Therefore, early fishing is shallow and afternoon fishing is deep. When the sun goes down, the light begins to dim, the shallow water cools down rapidly, and fish come to the shallow water from deep water to look for food. Therefore, night fishing is mainly shallow rather than deep. At 1: 00 a.m. and 2: 00 a.m., when it was time for the fish to rest, they returned to a safer deep water habitat and woke up in the morning to start eating for the day. Therefore, the choice of fishing spots in summer also pays attention to three shifts a day, and the location is chosen temperature by temperature. Naturally, more fish can be caught. However, it should be noted that fishing is shallow, not shallow. It needs to be 7 or 8 meters offshore and the water depth is more than 1.5 meters. Fishing depth is not too deep, usually within 5 meters.

Second, fishing is windy and rainy, and there is no wind without fishing.

In summer, the temperature is high and the water is prone to lack of oxygen, so in the choice of weather, it is often easier to catch fish in weather that can reduce the water temperature and increase dissolved oxygen. Therefore, there is a saying that fishing is windy and rainy. When it is windy in summer, it is also necessary to pay attention to the wind direction. Southeast wind is a sign of precipitation. It is often cloudy with low and low air pressure, often sultry, and it is not suitable for fishing. Southwest wind is almost the hottest wind direction in summer, which is a sign of recent high temperature and no precipitation, and is not suitable for fishing. Better is the north wind day, cold air southward is often much cooler. The main function of wind is to increase dissolved oxygen in water and reduce water temperature, so there is no wind in summer. Unless silver carp, bighead carp or small fish are caught, other fish will be much more difficult to catch. Rain and rain are good fishing weather in summer, but we must pay attention to safety and pay attention to fishing in light rain, heavy rain or thunderstorm.

Three, fishing living water fishing shade, not fishing calm bright water

In summer, in addition to paying attention to the change of depth and depth, paying attention to 3,000 a day, you can also choose running water or cool locations. No matter in the living water area or in the cool position, the water temperature will be much lower than that of the open water exposed to direct sunlight. The temperature-by-temperature characteristic of fish will lead to either going to deep summer or going to the living water or cool position for summer. Living water needs to be noted that it is not rapids, but slow flow. Only slow flow can make fish stay, and the temperature of dissolved oxygen water will be more appropriate. There are many cool locations, such as under big trees, under bridges, behind hillsides, shady buildings, near aquatic plants, etc. Fishing in running water or cool areas does not need to be too deep or too far, which is more suitable for hand fishing.

Four, fishing vegetarian not fishing meat

In summer, the effect of vegetarian bait for wild fishing will be better, because our target fish are mainly omnivorous fish. These fish have the habit of being vegetarian, and the larger the fish, the more accustomed they are to being vegetarian. The reason why I am accustomed to vegetarianism is that I eat a large amount of fish in summer and vegetarianism is easier to obtain, which makes it easier to eat full. Therefore, I am accustomed to vegetarianism instead of liking vegetarianism. Therefore, wheat grains, corn grains and various grains have good powder bait effects, which can also prevent small fish from making nests to a certain extent.

Finally, there is the choice of floating or bottom fishing. Generally speaking, the temperature is high, the dissolved oxygen in the water is insufficient, the fish are easy to float up, the underwater environment is harsh and anoxic, and the fish will float up or leave the bottom. However, the basic routine is to fish the bottom first in the morning and evening, and choose to fish float or leave the bottom according to the changes of the fish layer. It should be noted that on light rainy days, the middle and upper layers of the water are cool and have sufficient dissolved oxygen. You can try fishing for half water. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!