It is used to catch carp in hot days, but not a single pole can catch it.

In this extremely hot summer, perhaps 80% of fishermen will target fish such as carp and grass carp. However, if you want to catch the “cunning” big carp with your hand pole in the natural waters with wide water and few fish, you must learn the following three moves and use them flexibly to ensure that you cannot catch any pole.
Choose Gold Fishing Position
Since the summer days, the temperature and water temperature are getting higher and higher day by day. At this time, carp usually choose to stay in the shade, such as under the shade of trees, beside buildings or aquatic plants, because the water temperature in these two places is lower than that in other places in order to avoid the scorching sun. Of course, in addition to these two golden fishing spots, the water inlet in rainy days is also a good choice, because with the injection of new water, the dissolved oxygen at this location will be very high, and the running water will bring in distant plant seeds or aquatic insects and other foods.
Match bait nest material
As we all know, a good bait nest material requires not only atomization of powdered bait to lure fish, but also coarse particles to retain fish. According to past fishing experience, I think that when fishing carp at this time, I can try to use leavened corn kernels with chaff cakes or peanut withered to make nests.
Of course, some fishing friends will think that adding a small amount of small medicine to it will get twice the result with half the effort, but next, they think that the bait nest material does not need to be so complicated. A good nest material only needs to have a “combination of reality and reality”, and adding too many things will have a bad effect.
Adjustment of bait taste pattern
As the saying goes, “Spring is fishy and summer is light, autumn is fragrant and winter is thick”. When fishing in natural waters, whether fishing carp or crucian carp, the principle of using bait in these eight words must be followed. Although carp’s food habits are very miscellaneous, its preferred food will fade with the increase of temperature in hot summer. For example, wheat grains, rice grains, sweet potato grains or corn grains are good choices.