Next to the fishing friend even pole constantly oneself did not speak? Teach you how to choose fishing positions for reservoir fishing!

Most of China’s large and medium-sized reservoirs are mountain reservoirs. The terrain is relatively dangerous, the depth of water varies greatly, and the bottom of the reservoirs is very complicated. Coupled with the influence of climate, topography, water fluctuation and many other factors, it has formed its own unique characteristics and style. Therefore, it is not easy, but it is very important to choose a good fishing position and fishing point in this place where the water is wide and the fish are sparse. The following is a brief introduction to some methods and experiences for selecting fishing positions and points in the reservoir, for the reference of fishing friends only!
The reservoir tail area of the reservoir is mostly a gentle slope shoal at the bottom of sand and gravel, which usually leaves the reservoir.White stripesAnd some small spawning fish, big fish is really rare. However, in those steep places and near the dam, the water is usually very deep, the bottom temperature is low, there is a lack of food, and fish will not stay in these places. Therefore, reservoir fishing generally does not choose the deepest and shallowest places for fishing.
The water depth of the bay and ditch branches of the reservoir is mostly between one and three meters. These places often have a lot of aquatic plants and food, and the water temperature is relatively suitable. This place is an ideal fishing point. Even if there are no aquatic plants in these places, there are many fish.
Around the reservoir, two adjacent mountain bags often form a gully, which extends to the part of the water. This will be an ideal fishing point. The groove is the easiest place to stay and rot and cure. It breeds a large number of microorganisms. At the same time, it is also a rainy water outlet, which will bring many foods that fish like, such as insects and fruits. So there will be aFishway
The protruding parts at the foot of the mountain and the mountain extend into the water, and the only way for fish to migrate must be ahead. If you choose the protruding parts to fish, you will definitely have good harvest!
Ladies and gentlemenFishing friendsIf you observe carefully, you will find that many reservoirs often have trapezoidal steps formed by water rising and falling on their banks, and there will be good results when you lower the pole in such places. These one side backer, uneven width of the steps, mostly relatively flat, the inside is washed out of the gap by water, easy to store fish, this place with hand pole is very ideal, but it is not recommended to useSea pole, easyHanging bottom
Where there are ruins and rocks at the bottom of the water, there are many small fish and shrimps, and microorganisms gather, which provides a lot of food for fish. Fish will naturally gather here. It is also a good choice to lower the pole here, but it also has disadvantages and is easy to hang the bottom.
The water levels of all reservoirs rise and fall, and the flood season is even more changeable. Fish are extremely sensitive to such changes. When the water rises, they are extremely active, so it is most appropriate to choose the water inlet or the bank.
It is very difficult to fall into the water. If the water level drops slowly, some larger fish can still be caught by lowering the pole in the deeper waters in the middle and lower reaches. However, the water level dropped rapidly, and the fish hardly spoke at this time and suggested to collect the pole and go home.