No matter where you are in summer, once you use this crucian carp fishing method, it will explode and protect you.

Fishing crucian carp in summer can be understood as a kind of helplessness, because the temperature at this time is high enough to focus on carp, grass carp or other fish species with large individuals. However, fish resources in natural waters are very scarce. Apart from fishing cunning carp, only crucian carp is left. However, as far as I am concerned, no matter where I fish in summer, once I use the following crucian carp fishing methods well, I want to fish at regular intervals.
Choose fishing positions according to temperature changes.
As the saying goes, “three shifts a day”, a day can be divided into three periods: early, middle and late. Different periods have different temperatures, and different temperatures have different rules of location selection. For example, when fishing crucian carp in the morning and evening, because the weather is very cool and the temperature drops, the fish are very active. At this time, you can choose a small bend with a depth of about two meters to fish. In the morning and afternoon, just follow the temperature change and choose the right fishing point!
As for noon, it can be said to be the hottest time of the day. It is not suitable for fishing at this time, but if conditions permit, you can also choose to fish crucian carp under the shade of trees or at the water inlet.
Flexible adjustment of bait taste type and state
Also, during summer fishing, we must understand that in order to avoid the noise of miscellaneous fish, we should try our best to choose less fishy bait. After all, in summer, even in some areas in northern China, the appetite of crucian carp will be greatly affected, and the vigilance for bait will be greatly increased.
Therefore, we had better choose some bait with lighter taste, or avoid choosing some live bait, because it may be intercepted by some small miscellaneous fish in the process of bottom-down, thus affecting our fishing.
Adjust the fishing order flexibly according to the fish situation.
The floating fishing of wild crucian carp can be said to be the hottest topic discussed by Taiwanese fishing enthusiasts. However, from my personal point of view, I think that when fishing under different fish conditions and different temperatures, the method of floating adjustment is also different. For example, when the mouth of crucian carp is relatively light, it is not effective or blunt. Lowering the eye is a good choice. However, if it encounters noise from miscellaneous fish and the bait cannot reach the bottom of the water, it is only necessary to roll up and float at this time, which is more blunt than before.