Skills of Avoiding Small Tilapia Nest in Summer Fishing

In summer, what annoys fishermen most is not that the fish don’t bite the hook, nor is it that the weather is too hot, but that the small miscellaneous fish make trouble with the hook and nest. These small miscellaneous fish don’t have enough to eat, dominate the position and don’t run, which is the most troubling. Especially after entering a pile of Ronaldinho Fei in the nest, it is even more difficult to fish. No matter how fishy or fragrant this thing is, as long as it is edible, it can be eaten. So how do you avoid small tilapia when fishing in summer? The following author has sorted out the experiences shared by fishing friends and told them to everyone.

First, fishing nest edge
When making a nest, use fine powdery commercial bait to increase the grain bait to make a nest of small Luo Fei at the fishing point, and then use the large grain bait hook to catch the big fish in the water at a position of about 1 meter around the fishing point. This method is aimed at the water regime of carp, grass carp, Ronaldinho and other fish in the water.
Big fish live for a long time. Generally, they eat carefully and do not easily enter the nest. Generally, they wander around the nest. They can avoid small miscellaneous fish making a nest and catch big fish at the bottom.
Second, dip in millet
Small tilapia is interested in the bait with big fishy smell and big fragrance, but it is a little short of interest in the tasteless grain bait. We can dip the tasteless empty hook partner in millet to catch the crucian carp at the bottom. If Ronaldinho is not too much and rampant, then this method will not work either.
Three, the sea pole explosion hook
If a friend in the reservoir encounters a small tilapia hook and the bait cannot be lowered, then simply change the sea pole to explode the hook to fish. The bait melts slowly. Even tilapia has no choice but to use this bait.

Four, the old pond with black chicken paste
Fertilizer and water old ponds usually have a very thick sauce layer. This sauce and mud layer is very smelly. Big fish are cautious in finding food and dig the mud bottom all the year round. They are accustomed to this taste, but small fish do not like this taste. Therefore, we can add some fishy and smelly black chicken paste to the bait to change the taste and mainly catch big fish in old ponds.
5. Sparse Bait
When making flour bait, it should be thinner and the hook should be bigger, so Ronaldinho can’t bite it all in mid-air, but it is smaller again. In actual fishing, the size of the bait should be adjusted according to the water depth, otherwise the bait will be small, Ronaldinho will bite almost, and the bait will only be a little bit to the end.