There are many catches in the fishing season. Don’t eat these fish when you catch them. Let them go quickly.

The temperature is relatively high in summer, so the fish in the water are more active, so fishing is easier. It is no exaggeration to say that summer is the peak fishing season. It is much easier to have a good catch than in other seasons. Moreover, there are more fish species in the water, and more species can be caught. If you grasp the opportunity, you can catch a good fish with your hands!
Of course, although there are many catches in the fishing season, fishing friends need to pay attention to several points while being happy. That is the fish caught. Some fish eat too much and some cannot eat too much. If you can eat it, you can take it back. However, some of them are not allowed. If you catch them, don’t eat them. Just let them go. As for why, everyone will look down patiently and I will come together!
Fishing against sunrise
• Small fish
If the fish is relatively large, but it does not look fat, giving people the feeling of being like firewood, fishing friends are advised not to eat it when catching this kind of fish. This shows that the fish may be sick and there are many parasites in the body, which affects its normal development. For example, this fish is 40cm long and its normal weight should be 2-3kg. Just as it did not reach it, it may only be 1kg. This is enough to show that there is something wrong with this fish.
Personally, I think this kind of fish should not be eaten, and if something goes wrong, it will be in trouble. If it is a simple parasite, it can be done by steaming or boiling. However, if it is another disease, it will be in trouble if you eat it in your stomach. Instead of doing so, you might as well put it directly into the water and not give yourself any trouble.
Fish of abnormal size
• Diesel-flavored fish
Seeing this, some people will certainly wonder, fish are relatively fresh and have fishy smell at most, how can they still have diesel smell? Tell everyone, I did. At first, I thought it was a little bad, but now I regret it. This kind of fish can be caught, which is enough to show that the water quality in its place has been affected. Its heavy metals exceed the standard and have been soaked in fish.
If fishing friends take it back to eat, they will eat it into the body, and the heavy metals in their bodies will also enter the body. Perhaps eating it does not seem to be a problem to the human body, but the heavy metals that exceed the standard will remain in the body. Just because you are fine at the moment does not mean that you will be fine at the future. The diesel oil on the surface of this fish is not strong, and you can smell it by clasping the gills of the fish. Fishing friends can try this method when they are not sure. If there is any suggestion, put it into the water.
Explain to you why fish smell of diesel oil. Generally speaking, the water is polluted. If there are chemical plants or other factories around the fishing point, or waste water can be seen flowing in, this is enough to show that the water quality is polluted, and the fish in the water will also be polluted, so the fish will smell of diesel oil.
Under normal circumstances, we cannot directly tell whether the water quality is polluted by water, so fishing friends should not judge from the surface. For example, the color of water is green and there are more floating objects on the surface. This shows that the water quality is relatively fertilizer, which does not mean that it is polluted. Of course, if you don’t rest assured, don’t hesitate not to eat the fish you catch.
Fish with taste
• Injured fish
Normal fish, its body appearance is relatively complete. This shows that the fish is healthy, but if there is a problem with the fish’s physical appearance, such as the scales falling off, or the fish has erythema on its body, there are these obvious scars, which is enough to show that the fish has a problem. It may be caused by disease or attack by other fish, not to mention what causes it for the time being. The fish has injuries and has been in the water for a long time.
The injured part will invade bacteria and gradually enter the body. If the fish is eaten by fishing friends, there will be unimaginable risks. It is better to put it into the water than to make yourself angry after eating it. Be good to yourself, and there will be a steady stream of fish to be fished in the future. Wouldn’t this be beautiful?
A bruised fish
• Abnormal fish
Normal fish, like human beings, have regular “facial features”. The figure is also relatively “slim” and looks more comfortable on the whole. However, if the fish caught is abnormal, it is better to let it go and let it die. Perhaps it was caused by the discharging person, or perhaps it was caused by environmental changes. These cannot be verified. In short, it is better to let them go if you are not sure.
So what kind of fish is an abnormal fish? In fact, it is easy to distinguish. If the body shape is different and unconventional, it is an abnormal fish. Let me explain to you that I caught a fish before, and its mouth was similar to that of a bird. Then I let it go. This is the abnormal fish. I remember catching a big fish before. Its head and tail had scales, and the middle part of its body had no scales. Its surface was quite smooth, but it was not a scaleless fish either. Finally, I let it go. I don’t understand myself. I’m making trouble when I take it back and eat it. It’s better to let it go than to save trouble!
Fish of abnormal size
• Conservation of fish species
Some rare fish species have become protected fish species. Although there may be different levels of protection, in order to make them survive better, don’t worry about several levels, as long as it is a protected species, don’t eat. Don’t get into trouble because of greed, it is very likely that you will go to jail for it. Just think of eating a mouthful of fish and bringing such a price to yourself. It is not cost-effective to think about it.
Of course, all these fishing friends know that some people will certainly ask, how do I know what kind of fish this is? Of course, if you ask me humbly, sometimes I can’t say it either. As long as I catch strange fish or unconventional fish while fishing at the water’s edge, I will ask the fishermen around me. If I have an answer, I will naturally deal with it decisively! Of course, if everyone doesn’t know, I will also take photos and search the Internet to see what kind of fish it is. If it is a rare fish species, I will immediately release the protected fish species.
Of course, I have other purposes in searching the Internet. One is to know its name and have a more comprehensive understanding of the fish species. The other purpose is to see what kind of fish it belongs to. As mentioned above, if it is to protect fish species, it will naturally be released. If it is not, it will affect the water or it is an exotic species. I will send it to relevant departments for treatment.
Protected species sturgeon
• Write at the end
After reading it, everyone will know which fish species cannot be eaten and why they should be thrown away. I hope the above is helpful to everyone. Personally, I think as a fisherman, one should not only think about how to fish, but also make some contributions when fishing, so as to highlight the essence and difference of fishermen. Having enjoyed the “gifts” brought to us by nature, we must know how to repay them!