Three Techniques of Selecting Position for Night Fishing in Pond

No matter where we fish, the fishing position factor is always very critical. Its quality is related to whether we can get a good result. Especially when fishing in the pond at night, if you don’t occupy a good fishing position, then unless the fish situation is especially good at night, it is also the rhythm for the air force to go home. So how do you choose a place for night fishing in the pond? The following author has sorted out three skills for selecting positions, which you can refer to.

First, the old fishing position
During the day, a fishing friend’s nest is good for fish, so then go on fishing in this nest. On the one hand, it is possible that this daytime fishing friend has the right bait and the fish like to eat. On the other hand, it may be that fish gather here today. At the same time, as the fish find bait here during the day and then feed the bait at night, the catch can be guaranteed.
Another situation is that fishing friends do not see many fish mouths during the day, and fishing friends at night should also fish in this fishing position. This is because even some chemicals in the bait have been diluted by water during the whole day. At this time, the real bait in the nest during the day, that is, the fish can eat very much, and the fish are easy to gather at night. The catch will not be bad!
II. Shallow Water Level
It is certain that the pond is deep and shallow. The completely horizontal pond bottom does not exist. Even if the pond was completely horizontal when it was repaired, the bottom slurry layer would cause uneven pond bottom after a period of fishing. Don’t underestimate the height difference of 10cm or 20cm at the bottom of the fish pond, which will affect the catch at night.
The reason why the night fishing pond chooses shallow water level is similar to that of wild fishing at night. On the one hand, it is affected by temperature; On the other hand, shallow water is easy to feed.

Three, according to the rule of fish selection fishing position
There is no fish pond that is absolutely impartial. For example, although some fish ponds can blossom in an all-round way, there are always a few fishing positions that are relatively easy to produce fish. Therefore, fishing friends should ask where the best fish is during the day before fishing in the pond at night. In fact, many old fishing friends do this. The aim is to minimize the uncontrollable factors of night fishing.
If it is a pure partial-mouth fish pond, once it cannot occupy the fishing position, it is suggested that fishing friends should give up night fishing. Because the underwater conditions of such fish ponds are really complicated, it is difficult for us to analyze the reasons through the control of the pole position.
Fishing at night comes first in safety. If there are telegraph poles in the fish pond, then the fishing position should be as far away from the telegraph poles as possible. Otherwise, even gold fishing position is very dangerous.