Unlock New Fish Species: Fishing Techniques of Odontobutis obscura, which used to be common but is now rare.

Shatang Odontobutis is distributed in the Yangtze River valley and the south. It is extremely ugly and tastes delicious. There are many folk names. For example, nerd fish, Tuhanba, tiger shark and other commonly known names have been specially checked in different places. Among them, the three words of Tuhanba and Hanhan are the most common. We call this fish chi gu dai zi here. I don’t know what you fishing friends call this fish in their hometown. This kind of fish is often caught when I was a child, because it is better to catch and has no requirements for equipment. Today, I would like to introduce the fishing skills of Odontobutis nigra, hoping to help all fishing friends.

I. Habits of Odontobutis obscura

Odontobutis obscura is a small carnivorous fish at the bottom, which is distributed in lakes, reservoirs, tributaries of rivers, streams and rivers. Looking ugly, it looks very tough, but it has higher requirements on water quality. This kind of fish used to be very common. With the pollution of water quality in many waters, it takes luck to catch it now. Odontobutis obscura is characterized by its big head, big mouth and silly and silly. In fact, it mainly eats small fish, shrimps and underwater mollusks, which is regarded as a fierce fish. I like to hide in obstacles and ambush passing small fish and shrimps. I have poor swimming ability. The snakehead has few spines and delicious taste, and the price is very expensive. At the gate of the market, I occasionally saw people selling on the move, and the quantity was relatively small, basically costing more than 100 kg. The snakehead is somewhat similar to the common snakehead and goby in water, but these two kinds of fish are only the size of fingers, while the snakehead can grow to more than one kilogram.

Second, choose fishing points

Odontobutis obscura has higher requirements for water quality, and there are basically no such fish in places with poor water quality. Relatively speaking, tributaries, streams and small rivers of rivers are more common, preferring still water or weak running water. There are stone reefs, tree stumps, stone crevices at the bottom of the water, grass on the bank and other positions with obstacles, so it is easy to find traces of snakehead. The habitat environment is somewhat similar to that of mandarin fish, except that there are more small water surfaces, while mandarin fish are often distributed more on large water surfaces. There is no need to be far-reaching in the choice of fishing points. Often, there are obstacles in the shallow water on the shore, and fish and shrimps can be caught in places where there are many fish and shrimps. Therefore, there are basically no requirements for the fishing group. The following is an introduction to the matching method of the fishing group.

Third, fishing group matching

When I was a child, I was able to catch snakehead with a small bamboo pole. I often caught only 3 or 4 taels, and it was rare to see a large one. Choose a stream pole below 5.4 meters to be fully competent, match it with a short line of about 2 meters, put on a few seven-star drifters, and use it with a single hook. The hook can be larger and must have barbs. When I was a child, I used cotton thread to catch snakehead. Now I know the advantage of cotton thread, that is, it is not easy to be bitten off. The snakehead has a full mouth of small teeth, which is not a fish that eats fish and shrimp. Therefore, the fishing line can be made of thicker nylon line or wear-resistant PE line. In order to catch snakehead at the bottom of the water, it is necessary to match it with a soybean-sized lead pendant, adjust it to the bottom of the lead pendant, and expose 1 or 2 seven stars to float on the water surface.

4. Fishing Skills

The bait is mainly earthworms or shrimps. Earthworms can choose slightly thicker and larger red earthworms because the fishhooks used are larger. You can also use millet shrimps for fishing. Millet shrimps are found in rivers. Find the place where there are aquatic plants on the bank. Copy the net with fine eyes and copy it at the bottom of the aquatic plants a few times, and the millet shrimps will be in hand. A few small shrimps are put on the fishhook, which is the most suitable way to catch snakehead. The effect is better than earthworms. After all, small shrimps are the food that snakehead often eats. Wear bait, on the bank of the river built of cement and stone, there are gravel crevices at the bottom of the water, or on the edge of the grass cover, and the hook starts to amuse fishing. If there are sand pond snakeheads, they will come out to attack the shrimps.

Odontobutis obscura is the freshwater fish that looks most like marine fish and is most suitable for direct steaming. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!