[Bait Formula] Skillfully Use Bean Cake Blocks as Bait to Avoid Small Miscellaneous Fish to Fish Big Fish

A fishing friend asked, “I have been playing wild fishing.” However, after entering autumn, the carp in the reservoir stopped one after another. There was no way out and they had to dig the pit. However, what I am looking for is the kind of old pit, that is, the kind of pit where fish will no longer be put in the near future. Although the bottom of the warehouse used to be farmed fish, after several months or a year or two of wildness, the wildness has been restored to a certain extent and the hand feeling is very good.

I recently found a qualified old pit and tried fishing once. There were indeed a small number of old fish in it. However, the offspring bred by the old fish a year or two ago were a headache. The density was extremely high, with individuals ranging from lighter size to 3.2. I can catch an average of 20 fish in an hour with flour bait, even if I use No.8 hook and No.2 sub-line. I have tried corn kernels and used the largest kernels, but I can’t get rid of the harassment of small carp seedlings in any case.

I would like to ask how such a pond can avoid small fish and specialize in big fish.
It is impossible to completely avoid the harassment of small fish by bait, and small fish will rob what big fish can eat. Besides, small fish are in a fast growth period, and the demand for food is more urgent, so rob food more actively. In addition, small fish are pure wild, and their diet range is wider than that of their artificially bred elders, so they cannot rely on the composition or type of bait to avoid small fish.

But we can do the following article from the size of the bait. This friend used too much particle bait and should stick to it. After all, when there are large particles, small fish will keep harassing. The shaking of buoys can be completely ignored and only the big ones can be caught. In addition, I recommend this friend a kind of bait, small bean cake pieces, about 1cm square, which are put on the hook with leather condom, and the use method of large particles is the same. Small bean cake pieces are effective for all fish species that have had artificial breeding experience, and should be suitable for the fish pond mentioned by this friend due to their bubble resistance and small fish pecking resistance. This small piece of bean cake needs to be made by yourself.

In addition, it is suggested that this friend try fishing at night. Small fish will be relatively quiet at night, which can reduce some harassment.

It is worth mentioning that some people will adjust the fishing group very bluntly when encountering this kind of situation. If the mouth of a small fish cannot be passed out, they can concentrate on catching the big fish. This kind of practice is not enough. The old Kudi who can survive are all old wily people. The fishing team is too slow and they don’t buy it. Besides, the eating movements of the small carp with one or two weights are quite fierce. How slow is the fishing team?

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