During the same trip, some people were all small miscellaneous fish, while others caught them and protected them.

In the Taiwan fishing method, there is a fishing method specially used for floating. Of course, such a statement is not accurate either. Strictly speaking, it should be a fishing method specially derived from the bottom fish in order to deal with this kind of fish situation.
This fishing method is pulled by floating buoyancy before the hook bait falls to the bottom, so it will take the shape of a pendulum, swinging from the water surface to the bottom of the water, and luring fish schools to rob food by using this swinging stroke. We call this fishing method the stroke fishing method.
The stroke fishing method is a relatively rare offensive fishing method in Taiwan fishing. It changes the thinking that fishing is mainly based on guard and actively uses the swing of lead pendant to attract fish schools to rob food on the one hand by using dynamic effect, and on the other hand, the swinging hook bait can atomize the whole water layer to attract fish schools;
To say that its core skills are not much complicated, but it is to extend the distance between the hook bait and the lead pendant as much as possible. The longer the distance, the greater the swing, and the longer it takes the hook bait to fall to the bottom, the better the effect of hitting the stroke. There are several common methods:
• 1, elongated child line
• 2. Playing Lead
• 3. Changing Long Tail Float
• 4. Reduce the proportion of bait
The above methods are all commonly used by us to play the journey. However, the effects of these methods are different, so when using them, we should treat them differently according to the fish situation.
First, the fish does not open its mouth. When looking for the fish mouth, the proportion of bait is mainly reduced.
When we fish in summer, because the weather is sultry, the fish schools are not at the bottom of the water, and even the small fish have fewer nests, we must make sure at this time whether the fish schools are not at the bottom of the water, or whether there is no fish mouth at all because of the hot weather.
The taste type of our bait remains unchanged, reducing the specific gravity of the bait, or adding light bran, or adding snow pollen, or changing rubbing bait to pulling bait, so that the lead drop remains unchanged, the volume of the bait mass remains unchanged, and the specific gravity of the bait is reduced, which is equivalent to prolonging the time for the bait to fall to the bottom.
At the same time, because the bait is added with light bran and snow pollen, the speed of atomization and falling off is also faster. Although it will increase the probability of small fish making nests, at least we have tried out the fish mouth.
Note: This method is not suitable if there are small fish in the nest.
Second, the section is frequent but always empty, and the effect is best when the eldest child line is added.
If when we are fishing, the hook bait cannot fall to the bottom, and the small fish make trouble in the nest more frequently, there are obvious pauses and black drifts, but the lifting rod is always empty. At this time, it is mostly because of the cut of the fish entering the nest.
Moreover, the sub-line is relatively short. Even if the fish snatching the food cause a pause and black drift, the middle hook fish swallows the hook bait and does not enter the mouth very deeply. Simply put, the sub-line is too short, resulting in the signal being too sensitive.
At this time, we switched to the eldest sub-line, because the sub-line is long, and the generated pauses and black drift signals will inevitably be mostly real ones, which may have less hook frequency, but the hook rate in real ones will be much higher.
Third, the fish layer is not too much from the bottom, but it is not fixed in a certain water layer. It is best to use flying lead.
Freshwater fish, some of which live in groups, some like to swim alone, so when the fish school is away from the bottom and not at the bottom, the group fish will be relatively fixed in a water layer, and the fish species living alone will not necessarily be fixed in a certain fish layer.
If we are fixed in a certain water layer, we don’t have to make a trip, we can fish from the bottom to find the fish layer, but if we can’t determine the fish layer, then in order to ensure the middle hook rate, the most efficient way is to make flying lead.
Adjust the distance between the lead falling to the floating seat, resulting in the fact that the distance between the lead falling to the hook bait is prolonged. This adjustment can be applied to the whole water layer. If the distance between the fish school and the bottom is not too large, that is, about 30 ~ 40cm from the bottom, the lead falling can be slightly raised.
If the fish school is around half water, the lead drop will be adjusted to one-third to half of the distance of the water line. If there is a fish mouth in the whole water layer, the lead drop will be adjusted to the vicinity of the floating seat. Of course, this kind of adjustment is not fixed and changes flexibly according to the fish mouth.
Four, there is water, no fish mouth, change to eat lead long tail floating to find fish mouth
In theory, the greater the lead the floater eats, the greater the swing of the hook bait falling to the bottom. However, if the water is running, the wind and waves are large, and the fish mouth is not good, or there are more sections.
By reducing the specific gravity, adding the eldest son line and beating the lead, the result will only lead to more and more serious water flow. At this time, long tail float can be considered. The longer the floating tail of the float, the greater the resistance in the water.
However, the longer the floating feet are, the slower the turning speed is, which in disguised form prolongs the time when the hook bait falls to the bottom, thus not only ensuring that the fishing group is not washed and migrated by the water flow due to water walking, but also ensuring that the hook bait falls to the bottom to lure fish;
In terms of its principle, the fishing method of stroke is not complicated. However, in order to make good use of it and use it in place, it is necessary to gather the fish situation and water regime, and at the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:
1. The stroke pays great attention to the frequency of throwing rods. Only when the frequency is stable and the hook bait dissolves can the atomization area remain relatively stable, so as to retain the attracted fish schools.
2. It is difficult to last for a long time for the stroke fishing method. Often, the fish mouth stops slightly slowly and needs to be readjusted. The bait adjustment method is not rigid or rigid. The above four methods can be used in combination.
3. There is no law in fishing, but eating lead is fixed, so the time and swing of the hook bait falling to the bottom are fixed. Only by mastering these fixed laws can we have a better effect in using the stroke.