Fishing deep water, especially in summer, is really not a simple thing.

Fish are temperature-changing animals, so no matter whether the water temperature gets higher or lower, they will swim to deep water for physiological reasons. How deep is it? Theoretically, the fish will swim as deep as the water is.
For example, in winter, no matter whether the ice is frozen or not, the deeper the water bottom, the closer the water temperature is to 4 ℃, which is already a good water temperature for fish in the cold winter months.
In summer, this is especially true. The deeper the temperature and water level between the water surface and the bottom, the greater the difference, which can fully meet the needs of fish schools for summer vacation.
However, it is not an easy and simple thing to catch fish and many fish in deep water. What ordinary fishing friends know is nothing more than long water lines, poor signals, how to catch or how to catch. In actual combat, it is not feasible at all.
There are several main reasons for saying this:
1. The deeper the water is, the worse the floating sensitivity is, because the distance between the water lines is prolonged a lot, and the signal loss is naturally not small.
2. The deeper the water, the worse the activity of fish, because the deeper the water, the worse the dissolved oxygen ratio;
3. The deeper the fishing depth, the less easy it will be to concentrate the nest materials, and naturally there will be no good luring effect.
4. The deeper the water is, the greater the water resistance to the fishing group. If you are careless when lifting the pole, it is easy to tangent the line.
5. The water depth line group is long. If it is not properly controlled, it is easy for the middle hook fish to pile and wind around the grass.
Having summed up so many shortcomings, is it completely meaningless to fish in deep water? Not really, because fishing in deep water has one of the greatest advantages, that is, the hotter or colder the weather, the fish schools will inevitably be in the deep water area, either swimming or playing. Fishing in deep water area is still possible to catch fish, while fishing in shallow water area basically has no chance to catch fish.
Therefore, aiming at such an advantage, it is worth thinking about how to avoid the above shortcomings, so as to have good results in actual combat, and the specific method is really different from ordinary fishing.
Lump material, bag material, or heavier nest material for making nests.
Fishing deep water to make a nest, using throwing and scattering, the effect is very poor, because of the water depth, the nest material will disperse in half water, scattered to the bottom, scattered area is very large, the more nest material, the worse the fish gathering effect;
Therefore, when making deep-water nests, block materials are often used, that is, block-shaped nests after the mechanism. Such nests basically begin to atomize slowly after falling to the bottom. Their own volume and specific gravity are relatively large, and the placement position is still very accurate.
If there is no lumpy material, it is also a good choice to use a nest bag. Of course, the nest bag melts when it meets water, so we wrap the nest material with paper towel and then put it into the nest. In this way, the paper towel starts to melt after the nest sink to the bottom, which is also relatively accurate.
If the above two kinds of preparation are not available, then try to use the nest materials with large specific gravity, such as wine rice and corn kernels. Before putting in, you can use wire drawing powder and sticky powder to polymerize slightly, which can also ensure that the nest materials fall to the bottom relatively intensively.
The higher the fishing eye, the better.
The deeper the water is, the longer the water line will be. At this time, the more volume the float falls into the water. Once there is a middle hook fish, the greater the signal loss will be. In addition, the deeper the water is, the greater the buoyancy will be. Even the bait with large specific gravity will inevitably be greatly affected by the buoyancy of the floating when it sinks to the bottom of the water.
To put it simply, unless the middle hook fish is extremely large in size, it is not suitable to use the traditional fishing adjustment, whether it is to catch the mouth or to lift the rod, so the more appropriate method is to raise the fishing mesh, for example, 15 mesh floats, and our fishing mesh is set to 12 ~ 13 mesh;
This has two advantages. One is to reduce the influence of water resistance on floating and fishing groups. Once there is a signal, the distance from floating belly to water is very short, and the influence of water resistance can be minimized.
Second, after the floating news appeared, black floating may be a little troublesome to observe, but it is very easy to see the mouth and top floating. After all, few eyes are floating belly, which must be clear at a glance.
Rub the fishing group with wet hands before entering the water.
When fishing in deep water, the line group must be relatively long, so it must be considered that because the line group is too long, the tension on the surface of the fishing line will seriously affect the fish mouth signal.
This point, when using equal rod line for fishing, can hardly see any effect, but this situation is especially obvious when the rod body is short and the line length is long.
The old birds have two methods. The first is to pinch the fishing line with the belly of their fingers and restrain the fishing line with the nails of their two thumbs. After stroke it from beginning to end, the fishing line becomes straight, but the operation is not good and the nails are easy to hurt the line.
The second is to wet the whole palm and stroke the fishing line with the belly of the thumb, index finger and middle finger. Even if the fishing line cannot become straight, the influence of electrostatic tension will be minimized.
It is an objective fact that deep water is difficult to catch, and we will not catch better and more because we do the details properly. Therefore, when we are in actual combat, we still need to make a clear understanding, that is, the more sufficient we are prepared to catch in deep water, the greater the possibility of catching fish.
However, it is not very realistic to expect deep water fishing, pole training and explosive protection, especially in deep water and densely covered waters, so as not to be too optimistic so as not to lose balance of mind.