[Fishing Skills] Fishing outwitting is the key. Fish should change and I should also change.

We can’t do anything withoutChange, to constantly use the brain, constantly sum up.This is especially true for fishing. The fish situation is different every day, and the fish situation in each pond is also different. If you step by step all day long, you may not have a good harvest.Only when the fish changes and I change can we win by surprise.

Last weekend was a fine day, sunny, with a temperature of 10-21 degrees and an east wind level 3 (checked by the weather forecast). There was something wrong in the morning and there was a delay. I didn’t reach the fishing point until 8 o’clock. Parked the car, took the equipment and headed straight to the west bank of the pond. The West Bank is a shallow water area, where last week there was a lot of harvest. In addition, the forecast said that the east wind is blowing today (although it has not yet started to blow), so this should be the lower air outlet, which is a good choice.

Arriving at the West Bank, the situation is not very good. Why?The water is clear, almost bottoming out, and there are no fish stars on the water.When you come, you will settle down and make peace with the nest materials. First, you will cloth the nest in several old positions.After eating the breakfast I took with me, I started fishing.After the hook was lowered, it was found that the situation was really not good.The hook was thrown into the water tank without any movement.No matter how you tease, there is no fish biting the hook.Walking and fishing back and forth between several nests, hoping to find a breakthrough in which nest.But two or three came back and forth, still nothing.

Look at the time is almost 9 o’clock, I haven’t seen the shadow of the fish yet. The dazzling sunshine stung my eyes very uncomfortable. I looked at several nests and was a little discouraged. Looking around and searching the fishing ground, I noticed a piece of aquatic plants: the aquatic plants made noises from time to time, as if fish were throwing seeds inside. Isn’t that right? The fish in this pond started to throw seeds two or three weeks ago. Is it not over yet? Let’s go and have a look.

A closer look shows that it is indeed crucian carp throwing seeds, and the number is still quite large. No wonder the fish here don’t bite the hook today. It turned out that they all came here for a tryst! There is a small hole in the densely populated aquatic plants, which is not far from the shore. It is estimated that the hole was thrown out when crucian carp threw its seeds. Why don’t you fish for the arch? Just do what you say, find a shorter set of threads, change them, cut off a little lead skin, put on earthworms and start fishing arches.

Soon after the hook was lowered, there was movement in the float. One floated back and lifted the fish in the pole. I saw today’s first crucian carp. There is a chance. Continue. After three or four minutes, there was another one. Although it was not big, it was better than nothing. After fishing four or five times, nothing happened again. I had to use my “teasing method” and gently lift it up and down several times, then slowly put it down and go back and forth. After several minutes of teasing, the float finally moved, but the float was a bit strange, unlike crucian carp biting the hook. The float stopped when it moved up and down a few times. Then he pulled aside a little and stopped again. I just don’t see the familiar floating back. I don’t know what fish is making trouble. I stared attentively at the drifter, moving, still moving, suddenly floating piece by piece to sink. Decisive lift, hit. Guess what fish it is? It turned out to be a pair of two or more Ang times. This thing is good.

Continue to fight in this grass hole. There was no movement for a long time and continued to tease. The typical crucian carp bites the hook, but the range of movement is relatively small. Very not easy to see the float back up a grain, lift the pole, fish. The fish suddenly jumped into the aquatic plants and was pulled up with difficulty. It was a crucian carp with more than three or two. This one was good. But this pull, the small grass nest was destroyed. I had to go to the original several nests to have a look, but there was still no fish. I caught a small crucian carp at 10 o’clock.

No! Perhaps the water is clear today, it is shallow here, and the sun is too strong, which affects the biting hook of fish. Take the time to look at the deep water area on the other side. “Dumping Dumping” trotted all the way to the other side and made nests in several old positions. The water regime here is really better. It is not so clear. There are still some fish stars on the water. If I had known this, I would have come earlier. In fact, the main reason why I don’t come here is that there are too many people fishing here and the fish have become very smart.

Shortly after the hook was lowered, there was movement on the float, but it was always moving and stopping. It felt that the fish were looking for the hook, and the fish here were all old slick heads. The float moved for a long time without any time to lift the pole. We have to find a way! By the way, it is best to use small earthworms where people often fish. Therefore, after finding a smaller earthworm from the worm box and replacing it with a hook, the floating phase was indeed much better. After a few moves, it was a crucian carp that floated back, lifted the pole and hit more than two or two. It makes sense. After that, I specially looked for small earthworms to wear hooks, and the effect was really good. I connected three or four crucian carps of 23 or 32.

This is the case with this person. When he does not catch fish, he only needs to catch it. After catching fish, I want to go big. This is not, I carried the pole and moved to another nest in the deep water area to see if I could put on a bigger one. After the hook was lowered, there was movement in the float. I suddenly floated back and forth. I didn’t have time to respond, but I just instinctively lifted the pole. The fish was hit, but it went down to the aquatic plants again with good strength. I carefully pulled the fish out of the aquatic plants slowly, and it was about to come out of the water. The fish turned over one by one and a big crucian carp in four or five taels ran away.

What a pity, very not easy to meet one, just slip away. Alas! However, I still comfort myself in my heart that if I run this one, there will be even bigger ones. I hope so! After such a fuss of fish, this nest is temporarily unable to catch. Let’s go fishing elsewhere first. At this time, it was already 11: 03, and I had to go home after a while.

Fish, come and eat quickly. If you don’t eat, you won’t have to eat. But the more anxious I was, the less fish bit the hook. After seven or eight minutes, I didn’t see the float move. Can’t stay, or go to the fish nest to see. After the hook was lowered, there seemed to be fish stars in the nest, but there was no fish biting the hook. A tease, also did not move; No more fun, nothing has happened yet. What happened? It is estimated that the fish are now floating in half water. There is a way. I cut off half of the lead skin on the hook pendant. The distance between the hook pendant and the hook widened and the float moved down by two. In this way, I can suspend the hook 5-8 cm from the bottom, making it easier for fish to find.

After adjustment, the hook is lowered. The feeling is really different. The sinking speed of the hook and the float becomes very slow and does not reach the end. This is the effect I want. I wonder if I can get the effect. One minute, nothing happened. Two minutes, nothing happened; Five minutes, the float moved. . . My nerves began to be highly nervous and my eyes were fixed on the float. Finally, I saw an upward half-grain floating back, and the fish in the pole was lifted. This one is not small, the pole is slightly bent, and the fish is struggling desperately in the water. But I surrendered him two or three times and dragged him ashore. Boy, a large crucian carp with a weight of at least half a kilo has finally been waiting for me!

After that, there was another one, several crucian carp, which was even more icing on the cake! Today’s good harvest is due to the word “change”. This is called fish change and I change. Outwitting is the key.