[Fishing Skills] The skill of finding fish accurately when fishing in unfamiliar waters

Fishing has always been said to be “three points for fishing skills and seven points for fish”. As the saying goes, people have been walking for a long time and become “roads”. Birds rest on their dung and see fish bubbles in the fishway. Therefore, any biological activity will leave some traces. This article will talk about how to find fish for everyone.

One isEvery time I go to a strange water area ready for fishing, I first look at the water situation. There is a proverb that says, “When the water is clear, there will be no fish.” However, it is not possible to generalize that “Qing” has its own differences. The pure light cyan Qing is definitely free of fish. However, the green Qing should be another matter. In another case, Even mixed water, some ponds are mountain ponds, which are drained and then rehydrated, or new pits that have just been dug. The water is yellow and very yellowish, and there are no fish. However, some ponds are only 2 or 3 feet deep after a test of depth. The above is clear, but the water is mixed, and from time to time there are small groups of mixed water, which shows that there are fish to catch.

“Ask”, “Look”, “Smell”: “Ask” is to ask people of course how long the waters for fishing have not been dry. “Look” means looking at the “fish flowers” on the water surface and the “fish stars” on the bottom. “Smell” means standing downwind and smelling the fishy smell of water. The heavier the fishy smell of water, the more fish there will be.

According to the changes of the four seasons, I choose the appropriate depth and position of water for fishing. At the same time, I always take “fishing without leaving the grass” as my motto for fishing (except for intensive ponds and reservoirs).

Fourth,Choose the fishing position carefully, Don’t be impatient in choosing fishing positions, but first browse the whole picture of the waters to be fished, Then select the fishing position according to the actual situation, Roughly according to the fishing proverbs such as “long fishing waist, square fishing angle, long curved fishing in whirling bay…” to choose, at the same time, if it is an ordinary pond, there is a place where water flows to the pond outside, there is a protrusion to the pond center beside the pond, or it is found that there is a position about 2 meters beside the fallen tree at the bottom of the pond, etc., it is basically possible to catch something.

One point is the use of bait and some small skills of fishing. If you are fishing for a “intensive pond”, Basically, bait fishing is the main method, Of course, bait fishing should also know the species of fish in the pond, so as to use bait in a targeted way. In actual fishing, it should also be based on what feed the pond owner usually feeds, and then add 10% of the feed the pond owner usually feeds to the bait. This will eliminate the vigilance of the fish, and at the same time, it can also conform to the “palatability” of the fish, making fishing handy.

If it’s wild fishing, Bait is used as auxiliary bait, mainly to make it play the role of “lure”, In the fishing dens, Every 40 minutes or so, For a period of time, the bait hanging method of “one meat and one vegetable” was carried out. While fishing, while luring, Sometimes in places where fish like to eat vegetarian bait, I will only fish with plain bait. But I found out, In fact, fish in most places still like meat bait, However, in practice, I feel that the “one meat and one vegetable” fishing method can often catch big crucian carp, which is actually an excellent lure fishing method in wild fishing… I won’t say much about the rest, basically it’s the same old tune. In the final analysis, fishing is the absolute principle. No matter what method is used, it is a good method to get more fish.