[Fishing Skills] The Skills of Running Lead Fishing Method to Effectively Prevent Small Fish from Nesting

Lead Running Fishing Method in competitive fishing, the lead running we use can be divided into up-running lead and down-running lead. Running up lead refers to a fishing method in which the lead pendant and even the bait ball are suspended after the space bean above the lead skin seat is pulled apart by a certain distance. Running lead down refers to a fishing method in which the lead falls to the bottom or even lies flat on the bottom of the water after pulling the space bean above the lead skin seat apart for a certain distance. The most feared thing in lead fishing is the occurrence of small fish nests, which makes people very distressed. So how to prevent small fish from making trouble in lead fishing?

1. Run up lead

The usage of lead in running is used in competitive fishing. When will lead in running be used? I think it can be used at least under the following circumstances:

First, when the total amount of fish is small or the mouth of the fish is small, the space bean on the lead pendant can be properly opened. The exact distance to open depends on the fish’s situation. That is to say, the total number of fish, the smaller the fish mouth or the slower the bait speed, the longer the distance will be. Sometimes, even the space bean will be pulled under the floating seat to increase the sliding space on the pendant line group. The purpose is to increase the movement of the bait group and slow down the hem speed of the bait under certain conditions, so that the fish will have more time to catch up with the bait or bait.

This kind of lead running sometimes moves the space bean under the lead skin seat up a little, so as to run lead and extend the sub-line in a certain sense, giving the fish more chance to cut. This fishing method is generally used in combination with olive long foot and long tail drift or bamboo long hard tail drift, and the effect is better.

Second, when fishing, the fish floats badly or the bait is too atomized, and the fish chase the bait and float up in shallow waters to catch a deep drift or even the water skin, then it is not that there are no fish, but that the fish lure too much, and sometimes even dark fish schools can be seen on the water surface. This kind of situation, often accompanied by the fish mouth is not real, or the fish mouth touches (sucks) the bait and vomits, or only grabs the bait pieces floating when the bait enters the water.

At this time we still decide to fish for a drift depth or water skin, In addition to maintaining a certain pole throwing frequency and ensuring a certain number of fish and fish mouths, it is also interesting to open the space bean on the lead skin seat to form lead running, so that fish with water skin or shallow waters have a better chance to bait or slow down the external pulling force of bait balls in the fish mouths caused by lead falling and sinking, so as to improve the middle fish rate.

In this fishing method, attention should also be paid to the hardness of the bait and the length of wire drawing. After a certain number of fish are available, the bait is often glued or the bait ball is reduced. On the one hand, the fish is controlled; On the other hand, the small bait can make the fish unable to distinguish the broken bait from the bait hook, which objectively improves the rate of medium fish.

If the fish is quick, the above two fishing methods can also add lead and bait balls into the water. Under natural circumstances, the float will not fall on the water surface. This contradictory fishing method (running lead to delay the sinking speed and adding lead to speed up the sinking speed) focuses on the fish news that the float delays standing or sinking to a halt, which will also improve the speed of the medium fish. If the fish is unhappy or the fish are few and untrue but can eat, besides running lead, you can also open the space beans with fixed floating seats by 1-2cm, intentionally making the fish stutter older, or even “eating dead hooks”, which can also better catch the fish.

2. Lead Running Down

Usage of Lead Down Running Lead Down Running Lead is mainly used in the following fish situations:

First, lead can be used when the fish mouth is not disorderly due to excessive atomization of bait. At this time, we should pay attention to the following situations:

1. The float should be small as far as possible, because the pendant falls to the bottom, the float is small, the reaction force is small, the force reflected in the float will be greater when the fish news is conducted, and the up-and-down movement of the floating eye bar will be more obvious. When the bottom falls to a dull level, it is easier to capture small signals. This is the same reason why slender floats the size of thick floating tails are commonly used in Hubei fishing friends’ bag food fishing.

2. When fishing for fish with larger body in waters with more small miscellaneous fish, lead can be selected. In this case, floating can be properly considered to be larger, so as not to be troubled by small miscellaneous fish. It is also possible to make the bait hard and sticky to slow down the atomization speed of the bait, or intentionally rub the bait ball a little bigger, so that the bait will still have bait under the bite of small miscellaneous fish during the sinking process, thus increasing the probability that the big fish will bait.

3. Lead can be used to run down the upper and lower waters for convection or water flow. At this time, the size of drift should take into account the factors of convection or the priority of water flow. Convection or slow water flow, small floats can be used; Convection or water flow is more urgent, it is necessary to use a larger float, but there is a principle is to try to choose a smaller float, in order to improve the sensitivity

4. In the competition pool, you can try the lead fishing method and catch one by one when you deal with the sly fish that “return to the pot” many times and are highly alert or when the fish becomes sly or frightened in the last few matches of the competition. In this case, it is best to open the bait softly and stickily, then rub the small bait and focus on the small floating news. Sometimes you can even try to pull the bait. You are not afraid that the fish will not eat it, and you are afraid that you did not think of it.

5. There is a kind of shrewd or frightened fish. You can also run lead fishing in this way, that is, leveling the water, and then let the float expose high eyes (more than 5 eyes) when fishing, but actually only catch one eye to about two eyes. Specifically, after the bait-rubbing and throwing rod normally exposes the high mesh, the rod is slightly pressed to the bottom of the water. In the process of pressing, the rod is dragged inside until the floating mesh is rigidly pulled to about 1-2 mesh, waiting for the fish news, mainly grasping the internal pressure process and the fish mouth appearing during the waiting.

Second, when running lead, floating mixing fishing is also very important. It is relatively simple to adjust fishing for running lead and drifting. Generally, it can be adjusted fishing according to one’s usual habit of watching drifting. When the fish mouth is slow, it can take bait to catch flat water or more than half an eye. When the fish mouth is fast, it can take bait to catch flat water or below (lift it when there is no water or slightly lag behind).

It is necessary to pay more attention to lead fishing in the lower run, because it is related to whether the float can reflect the fish news. One principle is that when the fish mouth is relatively solid and there are no small miscellaneous fish, the lead pendant should be adjusted to touch the bottom half of the lead skin seat or touch the bottom lightly at the lower end of the lead skin seat. On the contrary, it is necessary to adjust the lead pendant to the bottom of the lead leather seat, which falls mostly or completely, and even push up the space beans that fix the floating seat, so that there are more floating fishing mesh than the adjusting mesh, or the floating reveals the floating belly or the floating stands obliquely, or even lies flat.

As for how to adjust to know the state of floating at the bottom of the water (lead falling undercover, semi-undercover or even suspended), there is no standard fixed number. Because of the influence of the thickness of the sauce layer, the size of the float and the amount of adhesive in the water, even if the number of fishing mesh adjustment is the same, the condition of the lead skin seat at the bottom of the water is not necessarily the same.

In my opinion, it is better to adjust fishing to better fish on the ground. Not all of them need to know the specific state of the lead pedestal at the bottom of the water. However, if you use the familiar floating and lead seat at the bottom of the water, you will have a better idea in your heart, which in turn will catch the fish faster and more accurately.