[Fishing Skills] When wild fishing is waiting for big fish, the fishing position is selected according to seasonal changes.

Many fishing friends like big fish and arrange to wait for big fish from time to time.Fishing friends waiting for big fish must be properly prepared. Waiting for big fish is usually at least 24 hours.For physical strength and safety reasons, if there is no fixed rest place and insufficient food supply, it is recommended to keep fishing for no more than 48 hours.Fishing friends should observe the recent weather changes 10 days before fishing., make sure the weather is not bad in the near future, and then determine the fishing range.

There is a popular saying among the people that “festivals change and the mouth is ugly.”The common saying that fish should rest on a full moon night means that fishing is not suitable for the two days before and after the solar term of the lunar calendar. The author is deeply touched by this.Under normal circumstances, I will not go fishing on full moon nights and festivals, which is also my experience summed up from fishing for many years.In short, fishermen should try their best to avoid fishing on such days.

Large and medium-sized reservoirs have large water surfaces and small density pairs of big fish. If the fishing time is too short, it is likely that the fish did not enter the nest when the rod was collected and left, while the big fish entered the nest as soon as the person left. The author has had several such experiences. The so-called “predecessors smashed nests and future generations gained” is the truth.

If fishermen can contact familiar fishing friends to take over fishing in heavy nests before going out, they will often get unexpected results. A few years ago, I set up a platform with my fishing friends in a medium-sized reservoir to keep fishing. The five of us took turns to keep fishing for a week and harvested 12 big fish, which was extremely enjoyable.

Reservoirs in Northeast China usually build dams between the two mountains to store water. The deepest water level is usually 30-50 meters in front of the dam. The water level at the dam root is often deeper, which is not conducive to fishing with hand poles. Therefore, I usually choose to make a nest at the corner several tens of meters away from the east side of the dam. Such a position is neither too deep nor too far away from the deep water. After making a heavy nest, the big fish hiding in the deep water will follow the fragrance.

The reason for choosing the east side of the dam is that in the summer and autumn seasons in the northeast, southwest and south winds are most often blown, and occasionally northwest winds are blown. As a result, the fishing position located on the east side of the dam will smoothly become the limelight, and some food coming with the wind will gather here and become the feeding place frequented by fish.

When choosing a nest, the author usually chooses the top of the mountain formed by a slightly flat stone bank and the place where stones gather under the water. Although the bottom is occasionally hung, such a place is usually the preferred area for large fish to hide and forage, and the probability of medium fish will be increased. In addition, fishermen can also find fishing positions in the spillway of the reservoir. Flood discharge canals are generally small-width rivers, and the density of fish is relatively concentrated compared with large reservoirs. On both sides of the rivers, cattail grass and reeds are often crowded, breeding many snails, shrimps, small fish and insects, which are fishing spots frequented by giants. If fishermen can keep fishing for several days in a row, they will surely have extraordinary gains.

In addition, the folk saying of “seven on the rise and eight on the fall” is very reasonable-before the seventh month of the lunar calendar, Big fish will feed near shallow water due to reasons such as supplementing physical strength after spawning. In August, the temperature is relatively high, and the water depth of reservoirs often changes due to heavy rain, water discharge and other reasons. In addition, summer is the season for frequent fishing in large and medium-sized reservoirs, so cunning big fish will be forced to hide in deep water areas. It can be seen that we must consider the changes of seasons and water regime when choosing fishing positions.