Is grass carp difficult to catch? The old driver had no choice but to reveal this unique skill.

Every time I mention fishing for big things, I think of the grass carp that I don’t like to catch. After all, it eats a lot and grows faster. Therefore, after being hooked, the struggle of grass carp in the water makes fishermen feel very satisfied.
However, if you want to catch big grass carp in a big environment with wide water and few fish, I am afraid it will be difficult to encounter it without certain fishing skills. Although I am not an old fishing driver, I can have 30 years of fishing experience and feel that as long as I use the following fishing methods well, I will not be disappointed every time I catch it.
Choose fishing position according to geographical position
As the saying goes: “Three points fishing skill, seven points”, before starting fishing, finding a golden fishing position can be said to be more important than anything else! According to the herbivorous habits of grass carp, It is OK to directly select the fishing position at the edge of the aquatic plants, but if there are no aquatic plants in the fishing waters, you can also choose to hook at the prominent birch tip position, whirl bend, water inlet or near the reed bush. Of course, if conditions permit, it is better to choose a place with a relatively open area. The more open the place, the more sufficient the dissolved oxygen is, and it is also conducive to walking the fish.
Two Ways of Pouring Nest Materials
When the fishing friend finds a golden fishing position, he needs to match a good nest material according to the fishing experience of the fishing friend and the feeding habits of grass carp. For example, in this hot summer, we can mix wheat bran + fresh corn kernels + white flour to make nests one to two hours in advance. If this is effective, it is best.
However, if you encounter special fish situations, such as grass carp being caught and slipped or injured by anchor, you can lure the fish while fishing, continuously sprinkle corn grains or pellet feed, and lure the fish by sound! As for bait, I think light wheat bait, corn bait or tender grass leaf should be preferred.
According to grass carp habits to adjust the drift
As we all know, grass carp is a kind of full swimming fish. Under different seasons and temperatures, the water layer it stays in will be different. For example, in cold late autumn and winter, grass carp likes to swim at the bottom. At this time, it should mainly fish at the bottom. But in the extremely hot summer, to be honest, fishing for floating or half water is better than fishing for bottom. As for how to choose floating and adjusting fishing, I think if it is fishing for floating, as long as the floating buoyancy is greater than the lead drop gravity + bait weight! However, if you fish at the bottom, it is entirely possible to level the water and fish for two or three eyes.