It is difficult to catch high-temperature fish. First, let’s see if the method is correct.

Summer is a difficult fishing season of the year. There are two main reasons why fish are difficult to catch:One is the water temperature factor, the other is the food factor.

In summer, the water temperature is high, especially in shallow water, but only in shallow water there is food, so fish will only go to shallow water for food in the morning and evening when the water temperature is suitable or in special weather.In summer, the water temperature is high, plants and insects grow wild, and natural food is abundant compared with other seasons.

Therefore, the key to fishing in summer is the choice of weather and time period, followed by fishing position and bait.Today, Xiao Bian summed up some summer fishing experiences and shared them with you, hoping to help you catch a full basket in the off-season.

First, fishing in the shade, fishing in the wind, fishing in the rain, not before fishing in the rain

First of all, the first factor that affects summer fishing is the weather. Only when the weather is suitable can the foraging time of summer fish be long, otherwise it is almost only in the morning and evening.

It is definitely not easy to fish before it rains in summer. The temperature is high, sultry and the air pressure is low. Fish hardly want to eat.There are mainly three kinds of weather suitable for fishing:Cloudy, windy, rainy.

1. The temperature will be relatively low on cloudy days, and people will not feel uncomfortable. You can choose living water or aquatic plants to fish.

2. In windy days, it is best to choose northerly days, choose the lower tuyere for fishing, and choose the upper tuyere if fishing floats.

3. Rainy days, light rain and heavy rain are all suitable for fishing all day.In light rainy days, the temperature is low, the dissolved oxygen in the water is sufficient, and the light is weak. Fish will go to shallow water for food.After the heavy rain, as the saying goes, when the water rises, the fish falls into the water and the shrimp falls into the water. When the water rises, the fish is very good to catch. When the new water is injected, the water temperature is cool and prosperous. Even in the sunny days after the rain, it takes time for the water temperature to rise, and the water temperature is also cool.At this time, the fishing position does not need to be chosen too deep, just choose the flooded farmland and grassland.

Second, catch near in the morning and evening and far at noon.

Normal sunny weather, mainly fishing in the morning and evening, is not suitable for fishing all day.However, you can fish carp and crucian carp at the end of the morning and evening, silver carp and bighead carp or grass carp at noon, but the sun is too strong at noon, so you must pay attention to shading.

In summer, there is also the saying that the fishing position chooses to “move three times a day”, which can be understood as fishing for fish, and fishing wherever the fish is.

At 4 o’clock in the morning, fish will come out of deep water to look for food in shallow water, and almost all of them will look for food in shallow water before the sun comes out.When the sun comes out, the shallow water starts to heat up, and the fish either go to hide in deep water or roost in shaded places.The sun went down, the water temperature began to drop, and the fish ran out to eat again.Summer is the most active season for fish. Although the eating time becomes shorter, the eating amount will definitely not be less than that of other seasons.

Three, choose living water, choose shade

In the choice of fishing position, besides deep water, we can also choose living water and shady places.

Although deep water is the conventional choice for fishing in summer, it is not suitable for hand fishing, mainly because it is relatively hard.Choose living water or shady places, then we don’t need to fish so far and so deep, and the hand pole is more comfortable to operate.

In other words, everyone knows that fish are often in deep water in summer, but it is difficult to determine which deep water they are in, but there must be fish in the shade. If the area is not too large, the chances of finding fish are much greater.For example, under big trees, under bridges and even behind hillsides.Choose to pay active attention to the problem of water flow speed, preferably slow flow.

Four, with bait

In summer, besides weather and fishing position, bait should also be used.Natural food in natural waters can always reduce the resistance of fish, and the simpler the bait, the lighter the bait.PossibleThe better the effect.

In addition, attention should also be paid to the choice of fishing species. After all, crucian carp and carp are not resistant to high temperatures. Sometimes even if they go out in the morning and evening, they may not catch well because the water temperature is too high.