Learn this fishing idea, halve the time, double the catch, novice can also become a master!

Nowadays, many fishermen are always blindly pursuing what fishing products are better to use. When others catch well and more, they will ask others what kind of nest material and bait they use. They always feel that people’s household things are easy to use and their own things are not easy to use. As a result, others told you all the nest materials and bait they used, and you still couldn’t catch any fish when you bought them. In fact, the amount of fishing does not just depend on your nest material and bait. Our own fishing experience, fishing skills and solid basic skills are the key to your good fishing. If you can’t do anything, then even if you are given the best bait, it will not be of much use. You can only say that you are lucky and have a good fish feeling. Maybe you can catch some fish!

To say what is the most important thing in fishing, besides the above-mentioned experience, fishing skills, basic skills and bait, I personally think there is another very important thing, that is, our thinking. Because you have a good fishing idea, then you can dominate everything. As the saying goes, “Ideas determine everything, details determine success or failure.” Having a good fishing idea often makes us get twice the result with half the effort and double the catch. Some fishing friends may ask, what is a good fishing idea? Let me talk about my personal experience.

Just like every time we go fishing, many novice fishermen basically start to look for fishing positions as soon as they reach the waters, and directly start to make nests, adjust drift and bait for fishing. As a result, there is no bite. At this time, he will begin to wonder if there is no fish in the dens and there is less material in the nests, so he will go to the nests again, but the result is still no mouth. At this moment, I will begin to wonder if there is something wrong with my fishing. It is still useless to pull the drift down and push it up. So I began to think about whether my bait taste type was wrong, and I began to reopen the bait, changing one taste type to the left and another taste type, but it was still useless. This kind of situation, I think every novice fisherman should have done this. In fact, when we encounter this kind of silent phenomenon, there is absolutely no need for us to blindly adjust there alone. Because the problem does not necessarily lie with us fishermen themselves, it may be because there is a problem with the weather and fish conditions. If the fish do not speak, it is difficult for the immortal to start.

Then if we change our thinking from the beginning, the result may be completely different. Just like every time I go fishing, the first thing I do when I reach the water is not to find a fishing position first. Now as long as there is a good fishing place, there will be other fishermen. So the first thing I did was to observe and observe the overall situation of the fishing friends who were fishing. If there is no fish mouth or one fish for half a day, then it is basically difficult to gain such fish feeling. It is better not to fish and brag with fishing friends who are fishing. After all, so many fishermen have poor mouths. Everyone may use different bait, fishing depth and fishing methods, which indicates that there is something wrong with the fish situation.

If the overall fish situation is good and everyone is fishing in twos and threes, then I will also pay attention to observe whether long rods catch fish in deep water fast or short rods catch fish on the edge fast. This also determines how long I should use and how deep I should fish. After making it clear, I am looking for a fishing friend who has the fastest frequency of fishing. I will take a look behind him to see what kind of bait he uses, what kind of fishing method, whether he is fishing at the bottom, off the bottom or floating. They are all fishermen, and they basically understand the matter of a cigarette. The rest is how to choose the water depth of the fishing point, what fishing method and what flavor type of bait to open according to the information collected by oneself. Everything need not be tangled up. After all, people can catch well, which means that people’s fishing method and bait flavor type are right.

This is the thinking is different, the result is completely different. Learn this kind of fishing thinking, then you will never struggle too much when you go fishing. In the early days, I may only have spent ten minutes to understand the fish situation and collect information. However, it may make me blindly adjust when fishing in the later period, saving more time and not wasting more bait. Even if you don’t observe in advance, don’t blindly adjust when you don’t speak. It is also an excellent choice to look at the overall situation of fishing friends around you and then make clear how to adjust.