Let me tell you how to choose a fishing position on a windy day.

A good fishing position is the guarantee of catch. If you choose the right fishing position, the catch will be guaranteed at least half. This sentence is applicable to almost all fishing scenes and is not limited to wild fishing, pit fishing, lake fishing, etc.
The reason for this is that the fishing position is well chosen, the fish schools are close to each other, and the efficiency of luring fish after digging the nest is more obvious. After countless actual combat statistics, induction and summary by fishing friends, it is also more obvious.
We have summed up a number of gold fishing positions through the topography, topography and landform of the coastal waters, combined with the flow direction of the waters, vegetation and other factors. Why are they called gold fishing positions? It is because it is difficult for the air force to fish under the rod in these fishing positions.
However, in actual combat, it is found that these positions are good or not, but it is not so easy to explode and protect them. It is difficult to say one, two, three to analyze the reasons. When this happens, the old bird will talk about a totally unrelated word.
This sentence is to fish without wind. What does this mean? Literally speaking, no matter how good the fishing position is, if there is no wind, it is unlikely to have a good fish catch. If you want a good fish catch, there must be wind.
From a scientific point of view, in fact, the deep meaning of this sentence is to emphasize a concept, that is, the relationship between wind power and dissolved oxygen. If there is wind, dissolved oxygen in water can increase. If dissolved oxygen increases, it will inevitably lead to an increase in fish activity. In fact, the influence of wind on water or fish is mainly manifested in three levels:
In the first layer, the greater the wind force, the more abundant the dissolved oxygen in the water, and the different upper and lower tuyeres, the different proportion of dissolved oxygen in the upper, middle and lower layers of the water.
Therefore, the positions of fish schools in the water layer are different, such as the lower tuyere, the back tuyere and the dissolved oxygen in the water are the highest in the upper water layer and slightly lower in the middle water layer. Therefore, it is easy to cause fish schools to float upward.
This kind of situation seldom occurs in the upper tuyere and windward waters. The bottom fishing guard will also have a good fish mouth and fish feeling.
In the second level, the density of water is different, and the swimming direction of fish is different.
When water is at 4 ℃, the density is the highest. When we say 1 liter of water, we mean 1 kilogram of water, which means the density of water at 4 ℃.
When there is wind, due to the influence of wind, the density of water in the upper and lower layers changes due to temperature changes, which will lead to temperature exchange up and down due to density changes.
This kind of change is most obvious in the windward and upper tuyeres, while the changes in the back tuyeres and lower tuyeres are relatively weak, while the characteristics of fish like countercurrent, or like to swim from areas with higher density to waters with lower density.
Therefore, once there is wind, fish schools like to swim from the downwind to the upwind, while the waters where the windward and windward are naturally the gathering areas of fish schools.
On the third level, the waves in the windward part are larger than those in the downwind and leeward parts.
Arguably, the bigger the wave, the greater the impact on fishing, but for fish, the greater the fluctuation, the greater the fluctuation, the greater the movement of bait shaking, the more natural for fish;
Naturally, the less vigilance, the better the effect of dynamic fish luring than when the wind is calm. Therefore, the greater the wind and waves, the better the effect of fish giving to the mouth.
Combining these three levels, we can come to a conclusion that it is not enough to choose the fishing position. It is the best choice to combine the wind direction and the upper and lower tuyeres. As far as actual combat is concerned, there are two reference options:
1. As long as the fishing group can be thrown out, we should choose the fishing position at the upper tuyere and windward.
2. When it is difficult for the fishing team to throw out, we should choose the fishing position with leeward and lower tuyere.
However, as far as the catch results are concerned, it must be the fishing position of the upper tuyere, which is better than that of the lower tuyere. However, when we set up fishing points in the upper tuyere, we need to pay attention to the following matters:
Item 1: Fishing orders must be above 3 ~ 4 orders.
Fishing in windy days, no matter how good the fish mouth is, the ups and downs of the wind and waves are the biggest enemies of fishermen, so the fishing mesh should be at least 3 ~ 4 mesh.
Only with this number of mesh can we ensure that we can observe effective floating phase during stormy waves. Fishing mesh less than this number is basically of little practical significance.
Item 2: Floating lead can be small, but the matching of lead pendants is important enough.
Not every fishing friend can be fully prepared for fishing in the wild, so it is not surprising that there is no float that eats a lot of lead, but as long as we do not lack lead skins and pendants, we can use them even if the float uses less lead.
The more common operations, including sliding lead, double lead and lead matching at the bottom of the hook handle, can be applied to actual combat, and the effect is also very good.
Item 3: The greater the proportion of bait, the better, and the harder it is to atomize, the better the effect.
Once the water in the water area is washed away due to the wind, and even the flow rate in the water area increases, the specific gravity of the bait is especially particular at this time. If the specific gravity is light, the hook bait will easily be washed away from the water.
Moreover, under the scouring of water flow, the bait hooks are horrible. At this time, only the greater the specific gravity of the bait, the better the effect, and the bait that is not suitable for atomization, or the bait is not atomized, so as to ensure that the bait is attached to the fishhook for a long time enough;
Only in this way can we ensure that after the fish school enters the nest, there is a greater probability of finding the hook bait and the chance of swallowing the hook.
Write at the end
Fishing is a very comprehensive thing. Any single factor may have a greater impact on fishing, but it will definitely not affect the final result.
The more factors we integrate, the greater the impact on the results of the catch, and the more the catch.
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