The first time I used this crucian carp bait, I was addicted to it.

It has been almost 40 years since I learned to fish. I still remember that the fishing pole was bamboo pole and the float was a small piece of foam. I don’t know whether the fish was stupid or had more fish resources at that time. I can catch several catties of crucian carp and carp by digging more than a dozen earthworms.
However, with the improvement of living standards, hundreds of thousands of fishing rods are now used for fishing. As for bait, it is also ready-made and can be used with a little water. However, the fishing effect is far less good than that of some homemade baits. For example, although I am not an old driver of wild fishing, I have been addicted to the following crucian carp bait for the first time, especially in July every year, it is even better than small medicine.
Bait for fishing crucian carp in summer
Of course, crucian carp is an omnivorous fish. No matter you use meat bait or grain-flavored bait, it will basically not reject it. However, in order to catch large crucian carp from small crucian carp piles at this time, one must be familiar with the following: in different seasons and different temperatures, the bait selected is also different. For example, in hot summer, using the following homemade bait is obviously better than other commercial bait.
Self-made Bait Formula for Crucian Carp
First of all, fishing friends need to prepare: 350 grams of wheat, 200 grams of corn flour, 220 grams of wheat bran, 20 milliliters of honey, one portion of high-grade koji wine and one portion of brown sugar.
Manufacturing method
First, filter and clean the wheat with clear water in advance, then soak it in new water for about 6-8 hours, take it out and pour it into a pot, add boiling water for cooking, and take it out for later use when it is 7 ripe.
Second, prepare to put 100g of brown sugar into a pan, boil it with boiling water, pour it into wheat, and stir it evenly. It is best to let each wheat stick to brown sugar and put it aside for later use.
Third, the wheat bran and corn flour need to be poured into the pan respectively, and the fragrance can be produced by stir-frying with slight fire, and the wheat can be poured into the pan while it is hot for uniform stirring, so that the corn flour and wheat bran can stick to the wheat.
4. Finally, the high-grade koji wine and honey are poured into the wheat, stirred evenly, poured into a sealed bag, and sealed for about 7 days, so that the fragrance of the bait can fully enter the wheat.
Instructions for Use
Although this crucian carp bait will be more troublesome to make, its use effect is so good that it can be used not only as bait but also as nest material. When fishing, just choose a big plump wheat to hang on the hook for fishing.