The main line plus it, running fish? Nonexistent nonexistent

The method of connecting the main line to the pole tip is probably the simplest operation for every fisherman.It is estimated that from the day when the fishing line was caught, everyone will use the method shown in the following figure.

With the development of fishing technology, every fisherman’s demand for equipment is also constantly increasing., also includes the right toLine groupNeedsAsk forAdj. Adj. AdjByStep upgrade, followed by a variety ofStrengthen the knot style, andPurchase with unloading force orIt is a protective accessory. By upgrading the line group, the sub-line becomesMoreStrong and durable.

However, even if our line group is sufficient to take these protective measures, when encountering a big fish, the connection between the pole tip and the main line will be stressed for a long time, and there will still be disconnection and fish running.This is what we often say, “Chigenche.”. If the float is lost again, it will do more harm than good.

In order to prevent the occurrence of “Qi Gen Cutting”, Xiao Bian shares a very practical little skill with all fishing friends, which can instantly increase the firmness of our main line and pole tip several times.


First, make a coil with a strong horse wire and tie a fast knot.


The main line is folded in half and passes through the powerful horse circle.


Connect the main line with the power horse coil by typing an eight-character ring.


Use the normal method to connect the powerful horse line with the pole tip.

Finally, a main line connecting the powerful horse line with the pole tip was completed. The biggest advantage of this connection method is that the friction coefficient between the strong horse line and the pole tip after touching water is several times that of nylon line, and it is stronger and stronger as it is pulled. Fishing friends may as well refer to the video operation and feel it. Welcome to comment and feedback the actual experience.