There are several ways to catch mandarin fish among the people. The mandarin fish tastes delicious. As long as the method is proper, it is not so difficult to catch.

Mandarin fish tastes delicious and is a rare species of freshwater fish. It is widely distributed all over the country outside the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, but the wild resources are relatively scarce, which is the biggest reason why many fishing friends have not caught wild mandarin fish. It is difficult for mandarin fish to lure fish by making nests. The most commonly used method is to find the possible location of the fish according to the habits of mandarin fish, and then use live bait to amuse the fish. Summarize the common fishing methods of mandarin fish, hoping to be helpful to all fishing friends.

I. Habits and Fishing Points

Siniperca chuatsi is distributed in many waters, but it will be more distributed in larger waters. For example, there will be no mandarin fish in reservoirs, lakes, relatively large rivers or tributaries and small water surfaces. Siniperca chuatsi mainly eats small fish and shrimps in the water, mainly live bait, so places rich in fish and shrimps are often hunting places for Siniperca chuatsi. Siniperca chuatsi is not distributed in groups and has the characteristics of living alone. It also has the habit of nesting. It likes to hide in stone crevices, stone reefs, tree holes, tree holes, piers, aquatic plants and other places. Simply put, it likes to hide in places where it can hide. Can hide, and can ambush small fish shrimp, so mandarin fish habitat is often not too deep, not too far offshore, usually with various obstacles on the shore as fishing points. More experienced fishing friends will also use this habitual artificial shelter of mandarin fish to throw some stones and bricks not far from the shore. After 3 to 5 days, mandarin fish will often inhabit here, provided, of course, that there are reasonable mandarin fish resources.

Second, use bait

Live bait is mainly used for folk mandarin fish fishing. White stripes, loaches and live shrimps are all commonly used bait. White stripes don’t need to be bought, just catch some as bait. Shrimp is more expensive, and it is very easy to die in summer. If it is not fresh shrimp, it cannot be used to catch mandarin fish. Misgurnus anguillicaudatus is the better bait. Buying a small loach the size of a cigarette is most suitable for catching mandarin fish. Small loach has strong vitality and can survive for a long time whether it is preserved or hooked. With loach hooks, it is often the position where the dorsal fin is hung and slightly passes through a little skin, so that the loach can be hung firmly and will not be hurt. If you use a white hook, you can also hang the position of the dorsal fin, similar to loach, and you can also hang the caudal fin. You must pay attention to keep it fresh.

3. Fishing Methods

1. Hand rod towing fishing

Prepare 7 or 8 meters of traditional long poles, match them with 3 meters of short lines, and use a single hook fishing group. There are certain requirements for thread, so we should choose more wear-resistant thread, such as PE thread, Dali horse, etc. Because fishing spots are often complicated and have many stone reefs, and mandarin fish has sharp teeth and sharp fins. The hook should be large, preferably the hook handle should be long, barbed and sharp. Don’t use floating and other messy accessories. Hang the loach on the fishhook, lower the loach to the bottom at the position where there are stones on the bank, and drag the loach with the word “zhi”. If there is a position where the mandarin fish is hiding, the mandarin fish will come out and bite the loach, and the pole can be lifted to catch the fish. It should be noted that a section of shore should be dragged several times more, and the main dragging speed should not be too fast.

2. Fishing and floating

The fishing float can be either a hand rod or a throwing rod. If the hand rod is used, it is similar to the first one on the fishing group. There is no difference in the matching of the fishing rod, the line group, the fishhook, etc. A larger float needs to be added to the fishing group, and it can be suspended after loach or white stripes are hung. Adjust the bait to about 20cm from the bottom, hook it to the obstacle fishing point where mandarin fish may be present, and let the bait struggle heartily, which is easy to attract mandarin fish to attack. The restriction of hand poles is mainly to fish at positions not far offshore. If you fish at piers, culverts or even under bridges, it will be better to use throwing poles. It is nothing more than to fish with spherical floats and single hook fishing groups. The method is relatively simple.

Of course, mandarin fish can be caught by long-range earthworm shooting and Luya fishing, but in the same sentence, the difficulty of catching mandarin fish lies in finding mandarin fish, and it is better to catch mandarin fish if you find a position. If you like, please pay attention to it and give it a compliment. Update it on time every day. Thank you, fishing friends!

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